Internet Marketing Scam : I Fell For It!

You know, one of the things that really inspired me to get involved in internet marketing was to try to bring honesty and integrity back into this space. Internet marketing scam is a big problem in this industry and we are not talking about some fly by night scammers here. There are people who actually… Read More »

Why Social Bookmarking Is Important For Free Traffic?

I came across this term social bookmarking many times but I never understood why social bookmarking is important. As an internet marketer, I did not pay much attention to it. It was a mistake. Are you struggling with web traffic and do you want to leverage on this method? The term social media is so… Read More »

Elementor Not Updating? Here is the quick fix.

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Why Video Marketing Is The Best Thing For You

The reason why video marketing are so popular these days is that it is a medium that is easy to digest. It is very visual to our eyes and you don’t have to focus on too many words. You can just take a look at a video and understand it. As the saying goes, a… Read More »

How To Do Social Media Marketing : Old School Method

Any business requires customers. Period! Regardless of what you sell online. You always need to have someone to buy your product. You need to know how to do social media marketing the right way. The biggest challenge that you might face in this area is finding the right customers who are will to pay you… Read More »

Pick Any Product And Make It Into A Best Seller

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Copywriting For Beginners : 9 Killer Tips

Copywriting is the lifeblood of any business. Copywriting simply means writing a compelling advertisement that attracts potential buyers to your product. Good copywriting can make or break your business. If you starting an internet marketing business, here are some great tips in copywriting for beginners. These tips will cover the following: Qualifying your reader Talk… Read More »

Why affiliate marketing is still profitable? 2020 Insight!

Why affiliate marketing still profitable? There have been many significant changes to the affiliate marketing world in the last couple of years. That said, affiliate marketing is still as strong as ever. Some would even say that the long-term health of the industry is much better off with all these changes. How can you adapt… Read More »