8 Work From Home Jobs Without A Degree

Want to quit your day job? Don’t have the right paper qualification? Don’t worry!

8 Work From Home Jobs Without A Degree

If you have been searching for work at home opportunities, there are 8 work from home jobs without a degree

I have been in a similar situation like you where I was always been trying to find ways to make money from home. The world of the internet has opened up plenty of opportunities for people from all walks of life to start generating income from home. Some can be done purely online while others may be an offline business. Let’s have a look at the type of available opportunities and what work at home means.

Why working from home jobs are so appealing?

What makes you want to work? What is the enticing factor here? The most common answer is the ability to manage your working hours. This reason is very attractive for those looking to make the jump from their day job. The notion that no one else can control your time and you set your hours and be flexible in managing your time is so appealing.

You don’t have to deal with annoying co-workers and bosses. Gone are your headache in managing this negative distraction. Almost all if not every workplace has its politics and set of toxic. It can be very stressful and affect your mental, physical and emotional state.

You have more time to look after yourself. You can plan your time to exercise. Even if you can’t go to the gym, exercise can be done at home. Eating good home-cooked food is much better than eating outside. Being around family or loved ones also creates a more positive environment for your health.

What is the popular work from home job myths that you need to deal with?

Working from home is an easy life and you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want. Contrary to this belief, the more freedom you have the bigger the challenge you’ll have in managing to keep your productivity level at an optimum level.

Everyone who works from home is financially successful. Those who work from home are the envy of those who don’t. There are way more people struggling financially working from home than the ones who make a decent amount of money every month. Having to create your income is the most difficult thing to do. If you are persistent and you know where to look for the right job (which is what I will show you here), you can make a living by working from home.

Is There a Lucrative Work from Home Job?

The short answer is ‘yes’. However, you need to define the word lucrative. In this sense it means a decent income to make a living. You are not going to find a million-dollar job when you’re first starting. So yes, there is an opportunity for you to find jobs that pay a decent amount of money. It all depends on the type of job that you get into and the value of the job.

When you start searching at the right places, you will come across potential job openings that only requires your skill and not some paper qualification. What type of opportunities?

Let’s take a look at the 8 work from home jobs without a degree

8 legit work from home jobs without a degree


  • If you have the skill in creating content, you can do well by providing blogging or copywriting services. There are millions of blogs online with hundreds of millions of content being churned out every day. For freelancing services, a paid post can range from $5 to over $100 depending on the complexity and the quality of the content.
  • Remote jobs in blogging are available at SimplyHired, Flexjobs, FreelanceWritingGigs, and JournalismJobs

Web Designer

  • If you have experience in web design, have programming knowledge and can come up with stunning websites, there are plenty of jobs that require your expertise. Payments are usually by the hour or by project completion.
  • These are the companies that will pay you to design websites from home; SitePen, ArtLogic and GitHub.
  • Alternatively, if you’re not a very tech-oriented person but you can build websites using simple software and pre-build templates then you can look for clients in Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer.


  • Software and app developers are one of the most sought after talent in the technology world right now. Mobile apps and technology are booming and many new tech companies are coming into the forefront every day. If you are savvy in this area, you can probably do some freelancing work by offering to develop software to clients.
  • Another alternative is to look for companies that offer remote work opportunities to developers.  One of the best places to look for jobs in this area is the working nomad.

Virtual Assistant 

  • In this job, you are offering the services equivalent to a personal assistant. This is a popular home business to get into if you like the administrative type of job. In most cases, no paper qualification is required to start this job although experience in the relevant field might matter to the client. A virtual assistant is usually paid by the hour. The services offered usually revolve around writing, editing, designing, creating a presentation, etc.
  • Gigs for virtual assistants can be found at sites like Bark, Upwork, and Facebook groups.

Medical transcription

  • A transcriptionist is someone who listens to an audio file and types it to text. If you possess good listening skills, fast and accurate typing ability then this job could be suitable.
  • There are generally 3 types of categories; general, medical and legal. The general category would be the best for most people as it does not require any specific knowledge and most companies would hire beginners. The medical and legal category requires relevant experience to get started.
  • To get involved in this job, there are a few companies that are open to beginners like,, table type, and tigerfish.

Call center agent

  • Many companies are setting up virtual call centers to save cost and workspace. This is one of the 8 legit work from home jobs without a degree that is readily available. Call center agents are hired to handle inbound calls from the comfort of their own home.
  • The general requirement for this job would be having a quiet workspace to work, a high-speed internet connection and a landline to receive calls. Also, excellent communication skills that cover listening and speaking. Do you need a degree for this job? Not exactly because experience and skill are much more valued than a paper qualification.
  • Expect a more organized work schedule instead of a flexible one. Payments usually range about $15 per hour. Do take note that if you do a sales-based call, you may also get a commission for every successful sale.
  • If you are keen on becoming a call center agent and work remotely from home, check out sites like Amazon, American Express, Apple at Home (for tech support), Asurion, Concentrix, and SYKES.

Dog Walker 

  • If you have a passion for dogs – this might just be the kind of job that you will earn money while having fun at the same time. Dog walking and dog sitting used to be side jobs but with technology and the craze for a different breed of dogs nowadays, this category has become a viable job opportunity.
  • You’ll be paid to take dogs for walks, some owners may want you to take the dog for some playtime like hiking or a run at the beach or sometimes you would just be required to pet sit the dog at home. Payments are usually by the hour. Therefore you can decide the hours you are willing to trade in for the money.
  • Some of the top sites that hire dog walkers are Rover, Petbacker, Petsitter, and outUgo.

Travel Agent

  • As a travel agent, you earn commission by booking trips for your client which includes accommodation, flights and the travel package itself.
  • There are many different types of travel products like family vacations, group cruises, getaways, and honeymoons. It’s best if you specialize in one type of travel product so that you can build your expertise on that product. It’s a great job to have if you want to fulfill other people’s travel dreams.
  • Angelist, Inteletravel, and Indeed are places where you can find work as a travel agent.

Working from Home Is Not That Easy

Working from home is the dream everyone wants in this new technological world, some people may find the change more difficult. The tendency to slack off is very real and you have to be very self-motivated and disciplined to get your work done timely and correctly. You don’t have anyone managing you to ensure that work is done. Distractions like the television, the Internet and housework can be hindrances to your work at home success.

Working alone can get to be frustrating and lonely. If you are not used to being alone, you can get withdrawn and this can be a big challenge for you. Make sure you are comfortable with this situation and take steps to combat isolation.

Have a proper workspace that is away from any distractions that you might have at work. Create a task list and follow it diligently. You can also take regular short breaks between your work to relax and refresh your mind. Get out of the house when work is done and go to places where you can socialize with people.

In Conclusion

Lack of paper qualification is no hindrance to getting a job that allows you to work from home. However, if you decide to take the plunge then you need to be careful in choosing the right opportunity because there are a lot of scams out there. Choosing the right companies and the right job is important. Although I could add another 30 types of jobs in this post, I feel that these 8 work from home jobs without a degree has been tested over time and provides the safest option for you to get started.

If you have any experience in other home-based jobs apart from these 8 which I have listed above, leave a comment below and let me know what it is.

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