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Hey everyone, my name is Prem and i would like to personally welcome you to

This website is really something i’m building with passion and enthusiasm, I faced a lot of struggle when i first started online marketing and back then there wasn’t much help and laws in making money online was not as tight compared to these days. There was a lot of low quality product and low quality courses that do little to help a newcomer or anyone else who is looking to make money online.

There was a lot of frustration, pain and time wasting. I wished then that someone who would be generous enough to share the correct guidance to help me get started faster and earlier. If you are reading this, i am sure you can relate to this no matter which level you’re at in this business.

My reason for running this site is to truly do my best in providing clear, detailed and honest information about the steps you need to take to build an online business. ClickBasics is about building a website that makes money. It provides insight on a lot of facets of building a monetized and sustainable internet business. My focus is to help you build that business using the information marketing model.

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I am not a guru. Truth be told, i am just your next door guy who has discovered the right guidance and am now passing it to those who wish to get it.

There are useful information in the blog post on this site which you may not have known, niche selection tips, demo videos including technical demo videos, business building resources that you can use without spending any money, reviews on products that i have personally tested and a free premium downloadable product pack that is intended to give you the best guidance in building a money making website.

I hope you will spend some time going through the content of this site. I am running this site with you in mind. The end objective is to make sure you get the necessary information to become a successful online marketer. 

I’d love to engage with you. So please don’t be shy and leave a comment or ask a question and i’ll be happy to get back you.