Affiliate Marketing Hacks : Do’s, Dont’s, Site Design

Affiliate Marketing Hacks

If you are just starting in internet marketing, there are several affiliate marketing hacks that you need to know to become successful in this business. Becoming an affiliate marketer is probably the best low entry option. As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to create your products or services. You simple connect the buyer to the seller and earn a commission from the sale.

A successful affiliate marketer is someone who takes this business seriously. They do proper product review which is honest, detailed and comprehensive. List building is an integral part of a successful affiliate because this person knows that by building a list, he or she can further promote an additional product in the future. Instead of simply promoting any products with low-quality reviews, the affiliate puts the customer’s benefit in mind with any product recommendation.

How does affiliate marketing work:

There are people in the online marketing space who create their products. To sell the product and reach a wider coverage of buyers, these product owners need affiliates to promote that particular product. They need a ‘salesperson’.

This is where you come into the picture. You can sign up to be an affiliate of the owner’s product and promote through a unique ID link (affiliate ID or link) that will be provided to you. A good affiliate program will also give you information on where and how you can track your sales, where your clicks are coming from and payment information.

Affiliate products are usually available through a network. There are tons of products for you to choose from and promote. The advantage of joining this network is you can pretty much find different categories of products in one place. Places like JVZoo, Clickbank or Commission Junction are examples of sources you can go to pick up a product to promote. These networks do charge a certain percentage of every sale and you make. Your affiliate payment will also be administered by the network.

Here are a 6 affiliate network which I would recommend you finding programs to promote:

  1. Commission Junction
  2. ClickBank
  3. Amazon
  4. Share a Sale
  5. PepperJam
  6. FlexOffers

Affiliate marketing is not that confusing. It may seem daunting at first but this is a business model that can be done by following a few simple rules. If you follow the right affiliate marketing hacks, you will start learning faster as you go along. Keep your focus on completing one task at a time as you go along and be prepared to learn from trial and error.

To ensure that you start right, it will be very beneficial for you to know the best practices of a good affiliate and some mistakes that you should be avoiding.

Affiliate Marketing Hacks 

Determine Your Target Audience

Before you can even decide which product to promote, you need to know to whom you will be selling this product. Deciding on your target market or a niche is an important factor in building an affiliate business.

Many beginners like to cast their net wide. They like to go for a broad target market. That is one of the main reason so many marketers fail.  If you think about the target market ‘children’, dig deeper – break the market into subsections:- toddler, baby, boys under 5 years, etc. Use tools like Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner to come out with new ideas for your market.

Know What Your Target Audience Needs

What does your target audience need right now? Is there a pain point which they are seeking to solve? What are they spending on in that market? Look at marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Find out about what are they searching for online. Use tools like Soovle and Answer The Public to get an idea about the questions people are typing online for the market.

By doing this, you will come up with a pretty good list.

Partner With The Right Affiliate Program

There are more than enough of affiliate programs out there for you to choose from. However, no affiliate programs are the same. One of the important affiliate marketing hacks is choosing the right affiliate program that ensures you get the maximum return for your effort.

Some of the criteria that you need to look at when deciding the right one for you is the commission payout and structure. Which one has the best payout structure for you? Look at the sales page of the product and see if it is professionally designed and easy to purchase. As an affiliate, do you get access to their support in case you need to reach out to them for any issues that need help? Also, how long or what is the duration of their cookie? The longer the cookie duration, the better chance you have of profiting from your promotions.

Run It Like A Real Business

Make sure you build a quality affiliate marketing business. Take it seriously. Do a proper product review that is intended to help your customers. Create good content that is helpful for people. Most importantly, only recommend products that you have personally used or you strongly believe it. Be honest when promoting products. This creates trust and will eventually grow your business.

Don’t Come Across As Spammy

 Bombarding your site and your audience with too many offers too often builds an impression that all you intend to do is to sell them some stuff. This will not go too well with your potential buyers. The trust factor is key in building relationships and credibility. Your potential buyers will be turned off if they feel that all you care about is selling them some stuff and make money for yourself. Once you lost their trust, you will probably lose that customer forever.

One of the biggest common mistakes that beginner affiliates do is keep pushing products for them to buy. If you have a list and you are promoting products to them, provide them free valuable information Show them that you truly care about helping them with valuable content instead of just trying to take money away from them.

Don’t Expect Instant Success

Success in affiliate marketing does not happen overnight. You might not see success in the beginning but you should not give up. As mentioned before, trust with your list takes time to build. Two areas that you need to focus on at the beginning of your business is growing the traffic to your site and increasing the list that you have. At the same time, you need to continuously valuable information and content that they need. If you keep doing this, eventually success will follow.

Website Is Another Part Of Affiliate Marketing Hacks

Although there are ways to make money promoting affiliate products without a website, there is no doubt that having your site is very important. That does not mean you need to have a sophisticated site. Having a good clean website creates a positive impression and affects sales.

People who visit your site need to be able to find quality information and should be able to navigate easily. It needs to be professional, clean and simple. If you have a website with bad or outdated design, your visitors will immediately form a negative impression that can make your sales effort to fail.

Let’s look into what are the criteria for good website design.

What Makes A Good Website Design:

what makes a good website design

 As someone who wants to be successful in affiliate marketing, you want to make sure that when visitors come to your site, they immediately know what is your site is about. They can get the information they want quickly and to a certain degree, they are pleased to be on your website because of the design of the site appealing.

Here Are Some Steps That You Can Take When Designing Your Website :

Colors And Fonts

Colors and fonts are one of the common affiliate marketing hacks which can easily underestimated.  A website with a white background, black font and standard font type give it a clean and professional look. Avoid using colorful fonts and fancy font types. They may look good for you but not for the visitors. Take a look at other authority websites and you will find that a majority of them have a clean design.

Easy Navigation

If your visitors have to spend a lot of time trying to find the information that they require, they will most probably just leave and not come back. You need to make sure that your site is easy to navigate. Make sure that your website has menus and also sub-menus. Categorize your content and link your content to one another. If your visitors are browsing through the different pages on your site, ensure that there is a link button to take them to the home page.

Go Easy With Images

Don’t make your website heavy by using animated intros on your home page and distracting images. You are just going to distract your customers and take them away from the real reason they are visiting it. Plus, a website that is too heavy with graphics load slower and it has been proven then visitors don’t want to wait too for a website to load.

Know When To Promote Your Links

Promote your affiliate links smartly. Have a theme for your site and promote just a few key products on the main page. You don’t have to put banners and links all over the site. Use WordPress plugin like blog link magic to insert affiliate links naturally into the content. That way, it will not look spammy but comes across as part of the information that is being searched.

Drop The Desperate Salesperson Attitude

Your virtual attitude is one of the affiliate marketing hacks that need to be addressed. Customer hates it when as soon as they land on a website, they are immediately confronted with an offer to buy something. Always give valuable information first or freebies to build that trust in you. There is something called pre-selling where you are leading your customer on to buy something by giving them what needs first for free.

Use Simple Language

Keep your language simple, professional and easy to understand. Your visitors could be from all over the world so do not use local dialect or slang in your communication. Use tools like Grammarly to make sure the spelling and sentence structure is correct. Come across as someone professional and educated.

Build Your List

Your website needs to have an opt-in form where visitors can join your mailing list. Building a mailing list is one of the major success factors for any affiliate and the best place to do that is through your website. Having a list allows you to contact them soon to providing them the latest information and also other product offers. Be tactful on how you manage your subscribers and don’t come across as a salesman.

Show Yourself

Many affiliates have to ruin the market with sleazy and selfish promotion tactics. People are more cautious than ever when it comes to trusting a website. Have an about page that tells your visitors about yourself and the nature of your business. Let them see that there is a real person behind the site. It would also be very good if you can provide a way customers can contact you via email. It would not be necessary to provide phone numbers or address unless you have a physical office and are willing to entertain walk-in customers or callers.

Be Open To Receive Feedback

Feedback forms are great to find out your customer’s responses to your product and your site. It gives you an opportunity to find out what they want and the changes you can make to serve them better. Feedback form also shows that you are transparent and open to receive their input. You can place a simple feedback form on your site or use a tool to automate requests and display feedback from customers. Positive feedback from customers is a great social proof about the credibility of your business.

Once your website is ready, you can move on to start making efforts to increase your chances of getting the most out affiliate income.

How To Start Right With Affiliate Programs:

Center your affiliate business around a niche

Promote products that are relevant to that niche. When your business is not reflecting a niche, it confuses your customers as to what exactly are you selling. Focusing on a certain theme makes you regarded as an ‘expert’ or someone who knows enough about that topic to talk about it.

Build trust

Honestly goes a long way in building trust with your buyers. Be objective when discussing products that you are promoting. Only advocate products that you truly believe in and will help to provide the customer with a solution. Writing reviews is a great way to put across your opinion and build your reputation as a go-to person in that niche.

Use a website to promote a good product

If you find an affiliate program that you feel it stands out in terms of providing valuable help, offers good commission and can last over time, you can promote that program using a stand-alone domain or blog. You can dedicate an entire blog or a domain just for that product. It just comes across more authoritative and gives credibility to that product. In this instance, this product can be your niche and your content is centered around how this product has helped you or others. If possible, be a user and share your own experience with it.

Choose the best cookie

Every reputable affiliate program has cookies. Cookies in affiliate marketing are meant to help the affiliate network to determine where is the source of the sale. When a visitor comes to your website and clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is stored in the browser of the person who clicked. When the visitor buys the product that you are promoting, the affiliate network would know that the sale came from you.

Different programs offer different duration as to how long the cookie lasts. Ideally, you would want to choose good affiliate offers that have the longest cookie duration. That way, when customers click on your link, even if the customer does not buy the product immediately, your chances of making a sale increases because of the duration. Anytime a customer returns to the product page and buys it, you will make a sale as long as it is within the duration of the cookie.


There have been several affiliate marketing hacks that have been discussed here. A successful affiliate marketer always puts the customer first. Your objective is to make money. Do that by providing valuable information that would be beneficial for your customer. Write honest reviews, request feedback and show them that you are knowledgeable. By doing the right things and avoiding some common pitfalls, success will be yours.

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