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Commission Pages Review : Is This Worth Buying?

commission pages review

Commission Pages review is about the powerful, easiest, and fastest traffic app that generates free traffic, leads, and build buyers list fast to get a commission from sales funnels. The software requires zero learning curve and comes with a step by step video training and a case study reference that helps even a newbie to start making money.

What is Commission Pages?

Commission Pages is a traffic app that works insanely fast. I would call it a no-brainer software as it is extremely easy to set up and use. It is totally newbie-friendly and does not require any technical know-how, website, or email list to operate the system. Everything you need is already done for you when you purchase the system.

For those who have not found much success making money online or if you want to add another simple supplementary income system to your portfolio, Commission Pages is definitely something that you need to take a look at.

Who is the creator of Commission Pages?

This software is created by Glynn Kosky who is a successful digital marketer and a Platinum Vendor on Clickbank. He is also equally successful in Warrior Plus and JVZoo, having made more than 31,000 sales in JVZoo.

What can Commission Pages do for you?

When you get this system, you will also be getting pre-approved money pages that are optimized with the software’s traffic campaign to direct visitors and lead to your page.

(1) Works 24/7

This is one time set and forget system that works for you all long. You follow the instructions and once the software is set up in 3 simple steps, it goes to work. This is perfect for all the non-techies who do not have the time to invest to build an online business.

(2) You can sell Big Ticket or Small Ticket programs

Your money pages will take your visitors into a funnel that offers both high and low ticket programs. Most other so-called money-making system does not sell high ticket programs but with Commission Pages, you get both. This increases the chances of you getting a higher payout.

(3) Completely Newbie Friendly

Many of us fail to make money online because we just do not know how to put all the pieces together. We lack the knowledge required to build a business from scratch. If you need to learn how to build a 10k per month business from ground zero, check out my free workshop video download. However, for most newbies who needs something fast and less time consuming, this would be a great choice.

(4) Generate Traffic and Sales Anywhere In The World

This is a cloud-based system that works in any part of the world. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to put the system to work.

(5) Done for You Campaigns

If you are not sure how to start and what to promote, your purchase comes with multiple campaigns that you can set up and start making money online.

(6) Step by Step Training

I have always emphasized having the right training to run any online business. Commission Pages comes with a step by step training that shows you how the system works and how to optimize the software for profit.

(7) Who is Commission Pages for?

Anyone who wants to make money online can use this software. An affiliate marketer who wants to promote a product, a Shopify store owner, CPA marketers, high ticket consultants, and even someone who is just getting started can benefit from this product.

Commission Pages features

  1. Commission Pages app that uses a combination of marketing strategies that involve high ticket and low ticket program. This approach gives you the best chance possible to make the most money out of your pages. The app sets up your  Commission Pages or money pages in just 60 seconds or less. Again I think this is a bit overhyped to engage and entice you to purchase the product.
  2. Traffic Generator is where you plug in your money pages that were created by the app. Once that is done, using cutting edge technology, this generator will start channeling you real buyer’s traffic with no hassle of a monthly fee or separate payment.
  3. Multiple Done For You Campaigns. These are funnels that have been created to capture buyers at every step after they have signed up for your squeeze page.
  4. Step by Step Training
  5. World-Class Support Team.
  6. 180 days money-back guarantee

How do Commission Pages work?

In this Commission Pages review, I will also give an inside peek at how the system works, my views on some of the claims, and hopefully, you will be able to get an idea about what this product is all about.

(A) Here is the snapshot of the dashboard when you log in. In the dashboard, you will find the following:

    1. Tutorials
    2. Campaign
    3. Done For You products
    4. Social share
    5. Free traffic
    6. Your upgrades if you purchased any of the add-ons
    7. Upgrade membership. This is where you can upgrade your level.
    8. Help section

Commission Pages Review - How does it work

(B) Tutorial

You can access the complete tutorial from Glynn from the dashboard that works you through the entire system including how to connect your autoresponder,

Commission Pages Review - How does it work2

(C) Setup Your Own Campaign

  • In the campaign section, you get to set up your own campaign.
  • You can give your campaign a title
  • Select the colors of your squeeze page
  • Integrate with your autoresponder
  • Put headlines in your affiliate page settings
  • You can upload the images of your product
  • Customize your squeeze page, download page, and lead magnet

Setup Your Own Campaign

(D) You also get Done-For-You campaigns

  • Complete sales funnel creation to give you a kick start. There are 3 products in this section which is :
    1. 1K Daily System
    2. Passive Profit Funnel
    3. Recurring Profit Machine
  • These are all Glynn’s products which means you are basically going to do affiliate marketing and promote this product on his behalf. I do not see anything wrong with this approach as long as the products are good and provide value to the buyer.

 done for you campaign

(E) Ability to download and embed pages to your own site

  • You can also embed these pages on your own website if you have one.

embed pages

(F) Social Share

  • In the Social Share section, for front-end products, you get only Twitter and Tumblr options to share these products. If you get the upgrades, then the options get a lot more including Facebook, Linkedin, etc

Commission Pages Review - Social share section

(G) Free Traffic Tab

  • In the Free Traffic tab, you will get to register for a few traffic network sites like :
    1. Affiliate Traffic Lab
    2. Viral Traffic Jacker + Tube Traffic Machine

Commission Pages Review - free traffic tab

This is how your pages will look like after you’ve created them:

  • The opt-in page

Commission Pages Review - opt in page

  • Once your visitors opt-in they will be taken to the affiliate page

Commission Pages Review - Affiliate Page

  • Here is the download page

Commission Pages Review - download page

How much do Commission Pages cost?

The front end product is about $19.40. I believe the price will go up incrementally with every purchase

Commission Pages Review - How much does it cost

What are the upgrades for Commission Pages?

OTO1: Unlimited: $67 to $47

  • Create unlimited cash pages
  • Agency license included if you want to create similar pages for your client

OTO2 : 100% done for you : $97 to $67

  • Complete system set up from product selection, setup, driving traffic, and getting the profit to you. Simply add your affiliate link and that’s it.

OTO3: Unlimited traffic: $97 to $67

  • You will 100% unlimited traffic at zero cost (not really because you need to pay for this upgrade). You will be able to siphon traffic from ALL of the creator’s top sales page that has made over $1 million.

OTO4 : 30K per month : $67 – $47

  • The supplementary money-making system for additional profits

OTO5: Super Affiliate: $67 to $37

  • This is a bonus page builder that helps you create stunning bonus pages that you can offer to your buyers.

OTO6: License Rights: $197 to $97

  • You’ll get complete rights to sell this software and keep 75% of the profits. This is a game-changing opportunity for the newbie marketer and the experienced marketer.

Why is Commission Pages different from others?

  1. You don’t have to be an experienced marketer. There is no requirement for you to know how to do blogging, video marketing, or any sort of content creation to be able to operate this system. It truly is completely newbie-friendly and I would dare call it an idiot-proof system.
  2. The method is ethical and does not involve any sort of spamming
  3. You do not need a list to get started
  4. No investment in paid traffic
  5. You can operate this system without a website or a domain. In my honest opinion, this may not entirely true because some of the pages that you will be referred to get traffic will require you to have your own website.


This Commission Pages review is intended to provide all the information you need to know to make an informed decision to purchase the product. Overall, I would say that this is best suited for those who are getting started in affiliate marketing and need ready-made sales to funnel. I like the fact that you can link your auto-responder to the software which enables you to build a buyers list. As for traffic, although the product offers free traffic and seems to claim that you would not need to do any work in traffic generation, I would not entirely depend on that claim. In my opinion, you would still need to do some work when it comes to driving traffic. In terms of ease and automation and some of the training provided, a newbie marketer should consider getting Commission Pages.

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