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Content Gorilla 2.0 Review: Shiny Object Or The Real Deal?

In this Content Gorilla 2.0 review, we will be looking at a Neil Napier’s new cloud-based app that acts as your personal writer creating authoritative blog post content from YouTube closed captions in a matter of minutes as well as sharing them to social media network. Sounds too good to be true? If you are finding it a challenge to continuously churn out great content for your blog then Content Gorilla might just be the perfect software for you. In this review, I will tell and show you exactly the following:

1.     What can Content Gorilla Do?

2.     Who is Content Gorilla for?

3.     What are the features?

4.    How much does Content Gorilla cost?

5.     What are the upsells?

6.     Should You Buy Content Gorilla 2.0?

8.     Conclusion

Disclosure: Please note that if you buy Content Gorilla from my link, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. Read on!

What Can Content Gorilla 2.0 Do?

(A) Create Content From YouTube Videos

Content Gorilla can make your blogging life easy. That’s pretty much the core of the software. It helps to pull high authority content from any video on YouTube and format it into a blog post so that you don’t have to write a single word – well not exactly a single word – I will explain that later. Did I mention that this piece of software not only formats the words but also the images from the video? Now, that’s sweet! Do note that in order to that, you need to set up your YouTube API in the Content Gorilla dashboard. Training is provided to help guide you.

This is actually a brilliant idea. However, that does not mean you can just pull the text out from the video and just paste it. You still need to do a fair bit of editing to make sure the content is unique and the formatting is clean. Content Gorilla does format the headings correctly, you would still need to manually adjust them in your blog post. Not a difficult task to do but definitely not fully automated.

(B) Post To Social Media

Once you post is properly formatted and you’re happy with the outcome, you can use the Content Gorilla to share the post to 3 major social media network which is Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This feature helps you to share every content that you create and hopefully, it gets viral hence bringing more traffic to you.

Who Is Content Gorilla 2.0 For?

In my opinion, there are 2 categories of people who can benefit from this cloud-based app:

  • Anyone who finds it hard to write a blog post, don’t have the time, or simply wants to create more content faster can use this software.
  • Those who want to get involved in affiliate marketing can use Content Gorilla to promote their affiliate links in the post.

What Are The Features?

In this Content Gorilla review, I will also explain the full features of the product which may be interesting to you. My whole purpose of doing this Content Gorilla 2.0 review is to give you an opportunity to make an informed decision. You will also find some of my own opinions about what you need to take note of this product.

(1) Flexible Power Search

You can now use the flexible search power of this app to find videos in 105 languages. You are not just limited to the English language but any language which you want to target.

(2) Filtering Capability

You can set filters (they call it deep search filters) to narrow down your search to find videos that fit your keyword, the most recent videos on YouTube, videos with the highest views, and most important videos with a creative common license.

Although this software allows you to find any videos that have closed captions, you need to be careful when using other people’s videos.  You don’t have to be a genius to know that using other people’s content without permission is wrong. If you think you can just copy and paste the text to your blog post and that’s it, you can’t be more wrong. In this aspect, I think Content Gorilla did not really provide you the real picture of what you can or cannot do.

When you use a video that does not have a creative commons license, you need to make sure that you completely re-write the post to make it uniquely yours. Otherwise, you will be considered plagiarizing the content and Google absolutely hates that.  So, if you are not prepared to re-write and re-edit the text, do not use videos that don’t have a creative commons license.

With a creative commons license, the owner has basically given permission for anyone to use the content. However, you just don’t want to duplicate the entire thing and paste it on your blog. Google does not value duplicate content as well. So while you have the permission to use the video as you wish, you must re-write it as well if you are serious about getting traffic from SEO. They make it sound so easy but it requires some effort on your part if you really want to create a good quality blog post.

(3) Quickly Convert Videos Into Text

With a click of a button, you can convert the video that you have selected into a full text. This is actually very fast and I was quite impressed with it.

(4) Grammar Correction Tool

Grammar tool helps to ensure that your text is grammatically correct. So if there was any mispronunciation in the video caption, this tool is supposed to correct it making the entire converting process automated.

I would not depend too much on the in-built tool. If you want to check and correct the grammar on your blog post, Grammarly would be the best bet, and it is free.

(5) Automatic Punctuation Tool

The text that you have converted will have any punctuation (comma, full stop, exclamation marks, etc) An AI-powered auto punctuator that adds all the necessary punctuation into the text with a click of a button. More automation!

Honestly, this tool does not work very well. You will find more than one instances where the punctuation is not used correctly. Again, Grammarly is the way to go.

(6) Find And Replace Words Feature

You can also replace words in the text using the Find and Replace feature. If you are familiar with Microsoft Words, this is pretty much similar. If you have a text which is 3000 words long, this feature makes your task of removing and adding new words so much easier.  

(7) Article Spinner

Don’t like the text and you want to re-word it to make it more unique? Content Gorilla comes with an article spinner that helps you re-write the sentences.

I will stay away from this feature! Nothing against Content Gorilla but every single article spinner out there sucks! It just makes your content so unreadable. I would just re-write the content myself or outsource it to someone.

(8) Add Relevant Images To Your Blog Post

Automatically adds images that is relevant to your content (usually 1 or 2 images) while giving you the option to add your own images if you want.

(9) Extract The Featured Image From YouTube To Your Blog Post

Since featured image is an important tool to attract first level audience, this tool will extract the featured image of the YouTube video which you are extracting the closed captions and make that your blog post featured image. Don’t like it? Change and add your own.

(10) Import Tags From YouTube Video and Place Them To Your Blog Post

Content Gorilla will also automatically import the YouTube video tags and insert them into your blog post tags. Tags are what Google use to present relevant content when someone searches for information using a certain keyword. Since you will most likely be using a video that has ranked and has a lot of views, it may be logical to think that using the same tags in your post will have potentially rank your content as well.

You can use some of the tags but not all. Since I have recommended you to re-write your own content, you might want to use different tags on your post.

(11) Link And Post To Your Social Accounts

Integrate your account with Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to share your blog post and get people to click on it and land on your site. In addition, you will also get to create customized images for these social media directly from your dashboard.

(12) Creates Other Related Post Links

Creates stickiness by finding other related blog post which you have created and placing the link at the bottom of the post page. The intention is to make sure that your visitors stay longer on your site and this build a good SEO reputation in the eyes of Google. Less bounce rates and higher retention rate.

(13) Download Your Post As Text Or PDF

If you want to post your content elsewhere or make it into a lead magnet, you can just download the post in a PDF or text format and do whatever you want with it.

(14) Fully Automation From Finding Videos To Social Syndication

Fully automate the entire process by choosing multiple videos to be formatted into the post, define the keywords that you want, and schedule posts for up to 10 days. Imagine for the next 10 days, you will have multiple blog posts being created on autopilot every single day and share to social networks! Hands-free content creation.

I don’t think you would want to automate the software. You will end up with tens of duplicate content with grammatical errors and worse yet be caught stealing other people’s content. Not the right way to build a sustainable business.  

(15) Archive Feature That Stores All Your Post

The archive feature lets you keep track of all the blog post that you have created. This is a handy feature if you are posting in multiple blogs.

How much does Content Gorilla 2.0 cost?

There are 2 options in the front end pricing:

Monthly payment of $19.96 or a one-time payment of $29. The monthly payment is obviously a decoy to get you to choose the $29 option. Good marketing strategy and nothing wrong there.

What are the upsells?

There are 4 upsells in Content Gorilla 2.0:

OTO1: Unlimited Use at $67 per year

  • Use on unlimited websites
  • Unlimited social media integration
  • You get internal linking
  • Channel Scheduler
  • 100% automation
  • Publish long-form content
  • Publish to 50+ social media profile

OTO2 : DFY Blogs at $197 one time payment

  • You will get 24 done for blogs with pre-written content. Install these blogs on WordPress and start using them immediately.

OTO3: Agency License at $147 for 50 accounts or $197 for 250 accounts

  • You can run a content management agency for 50 or 250 clients and charge them whatever price they want for using this software.

OTO4 : 21 Day Recurring Machine Training at $37

  • This is training to get you to start making money with this tool in less than a month.

Should You Buy Content Gorilla 2.0?

You have read the features of Content Gorilla 2.0 and you have also read my opinion on the software. The question now is “should you buy the product”? I would say yes. Surprised? Now before you assume that I am saying this just be I’m an affiliate of the product, let me tell you how you can use this product to benefit you.

  • You can use Content Gorilla to get topic ideas from high ranked videos. You can extract certain keywords or statement and build your post around that.  It will save you a massive amount of time finding ideas to write about.
  • If you have your own YouTube channel then this will be a great tool to have. You can extract close captions from your videos and post it in your blog. This is one way you can use the complete copy and paste method advocated by this software. By doing this, you will have both text and video content for your audience.


Based on what I have told you in this Content Gorilla 2.0 review, this is pretty much a video to text extractor tool. However, to automate it, even more, they have added the punctuation and the grammar correction tool as well as the ability to post on major social sites. If you looking to create content quicker, make your writing a bit easier by extracting key points and having your videos to be posted on your blog as a text, then Content Gorilla 2.0 is definitely something you need to check out. Thanks for reading this post and please share and leave a comment so that we can stay in touch.

Check out more details about this product.

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