Drive Traffic to Your Website (9 Proven Methods)

As an online business owner, your main task is to drive traffic to your website as much as possible. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. The higher the number of traffic that you have, the more opportunity for you to convert that traffic into potential buyers. Here are 7 proven methods that you use to instantly get more visitors using the following methods:

  1. SEO
  2. Blog
  3. Social Shares
  4. Medium
  5. Social Media
  6. Niche Forum
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Ad Network
  9. Affiliates

(1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

(a) Optimize Your Website for Organic Search

When you are first starting, it is common, to begin with, the most basic way to get traffic. That is by optimizing your website so that Google will rank your site on the search engine. The goal is to get the highest ranking possible so that you get free organic traffic. This can be done in a few ways:

(b) Get your site submitted to search engines

Submitting your site to search engines helps to tell the search engines to crawl and index your site. However, when you do publish any content, the search engines will automatically crawl your pages anyway. I do not manually submit my site for indexing but you can do that if you want. Three popular sites to submit are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

(2) Blog

(a) Find the right keywords

Find relatable keywords that reflect your niche Use those keywords in your blog pages and blog content. You can use these free tools to do keyword research:


Use keyword strategy from the bottom up which means start with low volume keywords first and then move up to higher volume ones. This strategy is very important as it will help you rank faster for low searched keywords and build your website credibility in the eyes of Google.

Read more about how to keyword and niche research in detail.

(b) Create fresh and consistent content

Keep your content fresh. If you are a blogger or have a product page, it is important to make sure that your content stays fresh and consistent. Sometimes there are changes in your niche and these changes need to be reflected in your content. Else your content will be considered as outdated.

Enabling comments and product reviews is a good way to keep your content fresh and engaged.

Find out how you can never run out of ideas in creating new content.

(3) Social Share Buttons

Trivial but important. Social share buttons have been there for ages. You would have seen it too. Putting social share buttons on your blog posts, product pages and images gives an option for your visitors to share the content and viral it out. Also, sharing is good social proof that your content is of good quality and it attracts traffic.

Here are some popular social sharing plugins that you can install on your WordPress site.

(4) Publish In Medium

Medium is a free platform that allows you to post a blog post and publish content. Medium is an authority site which means content that is published there has a great opportunity to get ranked. In fact, Medium has become a major platform to drive more free traffic to your website.

It is also a community. You can interact with other publishers and leave comments which have a link back to your site. It is a gradual process that you can do to slowly build traction and increase traffic to your site.

(5) Use Social Media To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

(a) YouTube Traffic

YouTube is one of the easiest ways to get traffic. Videos are consumed more than content and it does not cost you anything to start a channel on YouTube. I strongly advise you to start your channel. You don’t need a fancy camera or expensive video editing software. YouTube viewers don’t care about all that. Some of the best videos I have seen are simply videos that are recorded using a phone.

I would strongly suggest you start your channel by creating a simple video, talking about a topic in your niche, and upload that on YouTube. Put a link to your website or product in the description. The best way to master this traffic model is to do it.

Here are 5 tips that you can use while creating a video:

  1. Keep some short notes away from the camera angle that you can refer to when talking. This ensures that your communication flow is smooth. However, it is ok if you ‘mess up’ a bit here and there. That makes you look more natural instead of coming up as a scripted person.
  2. Practices make perfect. If you are not very confident doing this for the first time, do a trial run and see how you do perform on camera. Do the changes necessary and record your video.
  3. Make sure that the place that you record your video is properly lighted and free from any noise or distraction.
  4. To start with a minimal cost, just use your camera phone. You need to invest in a tripod if you do not have one yet.
  5. Have a call to action at the end of your video. Subscribe to your Channel? Visit your site? Like? Share?

Tools you need to create your video :

Video editing software (Free and Paid)

  • Bandicam: Short video recording. This is free to use for videos for up to 10 minutes.
  • Camtasia: Longer video editing. This is the commonly used software in the industry. It is not free. You need to pay for it. However, if you are planning for long term YouTube marketing, this is a good investment.
  • Corel Video Studio Ultimate: Trial version available for 30 days.
  • Filmora9: Free version available.
  • DaVinci Resolve – free editing software. It can appear a bit technical to those who have no experience in editing videos.
  • Shotcut – free to use

Animation Editor (Free)

(b) Drive website traffic with Facebook

When it comes to Facebook, I would recommend 3 ways that still have any value in driving traffic. These 3 are:

  • Groups
  • Facebook Ads
  • Your business page

As much as you would be tempted to invest a lot of time on Facebook, I would advise you against it. Facebook should not be your primary traffic source. It should be a complimentary one.

The reason I say this is because I have read and heard many marketers who have said that the conversion rate on Facebook is low. This means while you may be able to build a huge group list – it could very well be a passive list. Nevertheless, Facebook is still a mainstream social media platform and you should be building a traffic source from it.

(c) Facebook Ads

I want to talk about Facebook ads because it is a quickfire way to drive more traffic to your website. You need to be careful when using FB ads. If you do not specify your ads correctly, you will be wasting money on these ads.

Learning how to put up an ad effectively by specifying, setting an affordable budget, and setting a realistic time limit is important.

These are the things that you need to master if you want to create a successful Facebook ad:

(1) Avoid using any words in your ads that could be considered negative

Negative words are words that are misleading and may attract a different audience for your product. Example: A wellness facial product named MJ will attract people who are fans of Michael Jackson instead of people who are keen on facial products.

Negative words are also words that are not sensitive, degrading, not polite, and so on. Read more about the negative words in Facebook ads here.

Be specific about the description of your product.

(2) Target a custom audience

A custom audience is targeted advertising where Facebook will display your ads directly to your existing email list or people that you can upload who visit your site (if you do not have an email list). It is a very important feature in your Facebook ad campaign. It is also called re-targeting.

(d) Instagram Traffic

Instagram works well for product-related posts. It is a visual platform where people still share photos. If you want to make it on Instagram, you need to make sure that your pictures are visually appealing.

Your focus on Instagram should be about building a brand. Create an Instagram business page and put a link to your product in your bio. Post pictures that meet these criteria:

  1. Avoid selling through your pics. Instead, offer information.
  2. Keep the text minimal. Your picture should paint a thousand words.
  3. Use interesting hashtags

In your post description, put a call to action for liking and sharing your pictures. You can also services like Curalate to create paid ads for Instagram.

Another way to promote your product and links would be to leverage with a mini-influencer. A mini-influencer is someone who does not have a huge following but enough to get you some traction in traffic. You can offer these people a sample of your product or pay them a small fee to give you a shootout.

(e) LinkedIn

You might think that Linkedin is primarily a site to find jobs and may not be suitable for online marketing. That may have been true a few years back. I remember back in those days, if someone used to post anything other than career-related content, it would be reprimanded by the members. That has changed!

While Linkedin may not be the best place to advertise your product, there are relevant groups that you can join to interact with members.

  • Go to Home
  • Click on the Search bar
  • You will see a few options like People, Jobs, Content, etc
  • Choose Groups
  • Type affiliate marketing – you will see a list of groups that you can join

Linkedin is a professional platform so make sure you do not spam any group with links and products. This is still a very regulated site so read the rules carefully. Join the groups with the mindset to add value.

(f) Twitter Traffic

Using hashtags on Twitter will help you reach a bigger audience. You don’t even need a large following. A retweeting link is a great way to get more eyes to your post.

If you want to get started, read this excellent article on How to Build a Winning Twitter Ad Campaign in Social Media Examiner

(g) Pinterest

Pinterest is a new social media traffic wave. Surprisingly, it is still not overly saturated yet which is good news to all of us. It is easy to get impressions and Pinterest has allowed users to add affiliate links to the pins. You can create pins for any type of content.

(6) Niche Forum

Forums are a great way to post content, promote the product, and engage with like-minded people. I would suggest you start with Quora which is the most popular forum at the moment. Just like groups, spamming is not allowed in forums. Join and participate genuinely. You can also find niche forums related to your market by typing Forum,(your keyword) in Google.

(7) Email Marketing

Probably the best way to drive more traffic to your website on demand. This is a list of people who have subscribed to your content. They are targeted traffic and they have a certain level of relationship with you. Email marketing is the best marketing method because you have complete control over your list.

On other platforms, although you may have a big following, those people are not technically on your list. If Facebook closes down, you will lose your followers forever. It does not happen with an email list. Unless the individual unsubscribes, the list stays with you.

Building a list for email marketing is probably the most important marketing steps that you can do. It takes time so you need to start as early as possible. You must invest in a good email marketing service provider. Don’t use a free one but use a paid one instead. I would recommend one of these two providers only.

If you are serious about building a list, you need to invest in this service. You can take the basic plan first if the cost is an issue and upgrade later when your list size increases. During my earlier days, I tried using a free provider because I did not want to ‘waste money’. It was a mistake that I learned much later and I do not want you to make the same mistake as well.

(8) Ad Networks

If you don’t care about SEO and any other traffic source – you want fast quick traffic, you can pay for it. Using ad networks site to but ads promote your product to targeted traffic.

Here are some 5 ad networks that you can use by buying advertising and drive traffic to your content:

  1. AdRoll
  2. Taboola
  3. Outbrain
  4. Bidvertiser
  5. Buy-Sell Ads

(9) Leverage On Other Affiliates

This is using other people to drive traffic to your product. The keyword here is ‘your product’. Before you do that, you need to have your product first. Set up an affiliate program on platforms like Clickbank, JVZoo, and get affiliates to do the work for you. When you are working with fellow affiliates, you need to create a sales funnel. That way, you can pay affiliates a higher commission on the front end and make your money at the back end.


Getting traffic is the most critical part of building your business. Your entire effort in building an online business fails if you do not put in the work to drive more traffic to your website. These 9 methods discussed above are proven tactics that you can take action right now to get more visitors and potentially turn them into customers and make sales.