Elementor Not Updating? Here is the quick fix.

Elementor not updating changesI was working with Elementor the other day and any changes that I did on my draft which was related to color and images did not reflect in the preview or published pages. Elementor was not updating as it should. Have you had such an issue before this? If you had then don’t worry because there is a quick fix to this. The issue mainly relates to caching and it can be solved with a few simple steps.

So you are using Elementor to create your blog post or your pages in your WordPress site. Using Elementor allows you to use colors, images, and fonts styles as you wish. You can make almost any website design with this tool and a lot of web owners including myself like to use it to the maximum effect.

However, sometimes your PC may make things a bit irritating. You may face a situation where the changes you make in Elementor does not reflect at all. Say you change background color from green to blue. When you publish the page, it still shows as green. The reason for this has to do with caching.

Elementor changes not updating

What is caching?

I will explain this from a layman perspective. A cache is a component (it could be a hardware or software) that stores data so that it can be served faster to you. Caching is a process of retrieving data faster. It is like a warehouse that stores items that can be taken out to be shipped when requested.

Therefore, when you make changes to Elementor, the new data changes are not able to be retrieved by the cache. The cache still has the old data. Hence, every time you refresh your page or post, the new data is not able to be retrieved. That is why your changes in Elementor is not updating.

To fix this issue, you need to clear your cache and refresh your page so that the new changes will be reflected.

To clear your cache in your computer:

  1. go to settings
  2. privacy and settings – choose clear browsing data
  3. choose cached images and file and click clear data.
  4. refresh the page that you are working on.

This a quick fix solution because you need to refresh the page every time changes are made to reflect.

Suppose you don’t want to refresh every time. What can you do?

There is another solution to this. When you are building your page or post, just turn off your cache. Once you are ready turn it back on.

Here is how to disable your cache on your PC.

  1. Go to your PC’s search bar and type Device Manager
  2. Look for Disk Drives and click on it. You should see a drive on the expanded menu.
  3. Right-click on the drive
  4. Left-click on Properties
  5. Click Policies
  6. Look for Enable Write Caching On Drive box and untick it.
  7. Click ok and restart your computer.

Once you are ready with your site, go back to the same destination, and tick the enable cache box.

Why does your computer have cache issues?

Nowadays, the browser tends to keep as much information as possible. A lot of websites now use cookies for tracking and you find yourself clicking on ‘Accept cookies’ more and more on websites you visit. These cookies provide the info to be stored in your cache. After a while, too much information may cause your browser to not function properly.

cookies accept

Some browser updates may also cause a glitch. You can update your browser and install the latest version of it or you can follow the steps above.

There is also a step you can try to clean up unwanted files and data from your system. Use the Disk Cleanup function to remove the junk out from your system.


The issue of Elementor not updating as per changes can be a pain in the neck. It can be very frustrating especially when you don’t know what is going on and how to fix it. Next time, you are having any issues with your Elementor preview, just clear your cache or turn it off and the issue will be resolved.

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