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Funneleo Review : Read This Before You Buy

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The Funneleo Review is about the first to market cloud-based eCommerce software that allows you to capture customer emails and potential buyers via powerful lead capture funnels by enticing visitors to subscribe by offering them coupons and purchase information to complete the sales. Let’s take a closer look at this software and how can it benefit your online business.

The commerce business has been around for some time. I remember during the early years of eCommerce, people were still reluctant to use it as a primary shopping tool. However, that has changed over the years and with the emergence of major global eCommerce sites like Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy, the practice of buying online has become second nature.

The year 2020 is perhaps the strangest year for all of us and eCommerce in particular. While so many brick and mortar businesses went bust, things took a different turn for online shopping. Countrywide lockdown and strict social distancing measures have caused more people than ever to buy online. According to tech crunch, the Covid19 pandemic has fast-forwarded the eCommerce business to 5 years. This presents a great opportunity for people like you to start getting involved in the eCommerce business.

Honestly, many platforms can help you get involved in this business but you will find out why Funneloe could be a difference-maker and a perfect match for you.

Who created Funneleo?

Funneleo is created by Cindy Donovan under Wildfire Concepts Pty Ltd. Cindy Donovan is a Top 1% affiliate in JVZoo with over 49,000 sales under Wildlife Concepts and has more than 14,500 affiliate sales. She is a trusted vendor who has launched multiple winning products. Below are the contact details of these individuals if you need to get in touch with them.

funneleo review

Who can use Funneleo?

Anyone interested in getting involved in the multi-billion eCommerce store can use this software. Funneleo is completely newbie-friendly and does not require you to buy any expensive add-on tools.

(a) Beginners

Even if you have totally no experience in eCommerce or do not own your own online store, Funneleo will provide a ready-made Shopify store which you set up instantly and start selling your products. It’s fast, easy, and profitable which is exactly the kind of product that you want.

(b) Experienced Ecommerce Store Owners

Experienced store owners can leverage the list-building power of the software to increase their profit. Funneleo has a viral campaign system that will help skyrocket traffic. Equipped with powerful landing pages that capture emails, this is definitely a breath of fresh air for eCommerce store owners.

Why is Funneleo different from other eCommerce software?

In this Funneleo review, we will take a look at why you must consider this software if you want to start an eCommerce business. The biggest selling point of this software is the list building feature and the funnel building system that you cannot get anywhere else. You may have heard that the money is in the list and this is very true. Ask any affiliate marketers and they will tell you that list building is one of their top priorities in building an online business. You can entice your visitors with downloads, coupons, and other types of gifts for joining your mailing list.

This software is integrated with 3 major e-commerce platforms; Amazon (both Amazon FBA and Amazon Affiliates), Etsy, and Shopify. This means you can operate in any of these sites and still use all the features that Funneleo offers. The best part, you can set everything up without the need to use all the technical API requirements.

Even if you don’t want to operate a full-fledged store, you can target a single product, building a landing page for the product, and start capturing an email list. All this can be done in just a few clicks.

Funneleo Review: Features and Advantages

  1. Works well with Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy. Amazon gets 200 million visitors a month, Shopify has an average of 7.7 million visitors per month and Etsy has an average of 3.8 million active buyers in 2019.
  2. Create landing pages in all of these 3 platforms. Create unlimited funnels in any niche that you can think of! Plus, you get to choose if you want to create a coupon landing page or use other bonuses.
  3. Add countdown timer for scarcity effect and make your visitors purchase faster,
  4. Create a pre-loaded FAQ section
  5. Review section complete with video review
  6. Create stickiness by having a related post section so that your visitors don’t leave your site.
  7. Social sharing capability
  8. You can also add a footer section
  9. A custom domain can be created for your store or you can choose your own domain.
  10. Your store can be integrated with Google Analytics to help you get the data that you need to measure your campaign’s performance.
  11. Autoresponder integration to capture emails and build a list. Continue to sell to your list for months and years as long as they continue to subscribe.
  12. Viral campaign system by providing incentives to buyers to invite their friends!
  13. You can email your list anytime you want or choose when your broadcasting messages can be sent.

How to use Funneleo in a few simple steps?

Check out the full demo of Funneleo here!

1. Sync your autoresponder

Log into Funneleo and sync the software with your existing autoresponder. Funneleo works flawlessly with Aweber (get a free account), GetResponse, Mailchimp, etc.

2. Click campaign and enter details

Click on create a campaign. You will be presented with an option to create a landing page for Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon.


  • For Etsy, copy and paste the product URL
  • In Shopify, your product shows up after integration
  • For Amazon, enter the product ASIN number and click find my product to pull the product from the Amazon database.

click to create campaign2

3. Create an Associate campaign

Once this is done, you can promote the products as an affiliate or a seller. If you choose to be a seller, pick the coupon option. As an affiliate, choose the associate campaign.

Setting up an Associate campaign

  • Give your landing page a name
  • Enter your Associate ID
  • Click create campaign

4. Pick your landing page theme

Once that is done, you will be presented with 4 landing page themes to choose from. Pick your favorite one and choose ‘Update & Next’.

pick a landing page theme

5. Set pricing for your product

After you have chosen your landing page, proceed to the next page and set the price for your product.

set pricing for your product

6. Set the start and end time for your campaign (or not)

You can also set the start and end time for your campaign. If you decide not to do so, the campaign will always be active. This is also a great feature to use during seasonal sales like Christmas or Black Friday.

set start and end time for campaign

7. Upload your logo

Next, you will go to the page section content to populate your landing page. Upload your logo. You can create a simple logo using Canva or outsource it for a small fee to Fiverr.

upload your logo

8. Input your product title and description

When the logo is uploaded, type in the product title. The product description is automatically pulled from the site but you can personalize it if you want.

type in product title

9.  Upload your product images

Product images are automatically pulled from the eCommerce gallery site but you still have the option to upload your own pictures.

upload product images

10. Setup other add-ons features

Within the same page, you can set up the following:

  • Count down timer
  • FAQ section to help the visitor find a solution to their possible queries
  • Preloaded review section which can be edited
  • Video embed section
  • Adding related post of your previous campaign to make visitors buy more and stay longer on your store
  • Social sharing to your favorite platform
  • Footer section

11.  Set up your URL

Next, you can set up your URL. In this section, a custom domain can be used or a normal URL

setup your url

12. Set up your analytics

Proceed to the following section to set up your analytics. You can paste your Facebook pixel ID or use the Google analytics script.

setup your analytics

13.  Enable email to opt-in

You can enable the email feature to opt-in that will require your visitors to input their email address. This email address is integrated with your autoresponder. You can also set a welcome message when they opt-in.

enable opt in email

14. Set up a coupon campaign

Finally, if you want to set up a coupon campaign, there is a coupon tab that you click to set it up. This is what a coupon campaign looks like.

coupon campaign

That’s all you have to do to set up your Funneleo campaign. It is very easy to do and extremely beginner-friendly. I find that the entire software is very intuitive and is designed to help even those with absolutely no technical knowledge.

How much does Funneleo cost?

Part of the intent of the Funneleo review is to give the inside scoop in regards to the cost it will take to start using this software. The front end product cost about $37 (price will increase with every sale). You get to create unlimited funnels and use your own domain name.

What is the upsell?

There are 5 upsells (also known as OTO) for Funneleo:


For another $37, you will access the viral campaign system that will entice your visitors with bonuses to invite their friends.


This upgrade is $37. You will get an add-on feature to create an email sequence that persuades your subscribers to become buyers. You will also get 40+ email swipes which you can use for this purpose.


This $47 to $67 upsell gives you 10 done-for-you Shopify stores in hot niches. You will also get a Shopify setup guide.


This is an Ecom bundle for $47 which gives you 100 hot selling products each for Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify. You will also get an Amazon FBA and Etsy store setup guide.


With an investment of $97 to $497, you can become a Funneleo reseller.

Apart from the front end product which is good enough to get you started, the value that OTO1 and OTO2 should be seriously considered. Having access to the viral campaign system and email sequence feature will give you that extra advantage you need.


The advantage of this software has been highlighted in this Funneleo review. If you are interested in getting involved in the eCommerce business, you should seriously consider this software. You get to sell pre-selected hot products, get your own stores, and build a subscriber list through coupons and viral campaigns. Funneleo truly is a system that is hard to find elsewhere. Check out the full product details here.


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