How do I find my domain authority easily?

how to find my domain authority

What is domain authority and how do I find my domain authority? The easiest way to check domain authority is to go to the Moz Link Explorer and key in your domain name. I run a website and I do pay some importance to content creation, which means SEO is sort of a big deal for me. Better site ranking equals more free traffic and that is a good thing. One of the key factors in the ranking is how big the authority of that particular site is.

What does domain authority mean?

Every website has a ranking on the search engine result pages (also known as SERPs). The higher the ranking the better it is. Moz developed a search engine ranking score that helps predict how high or low your website will rank on SERPs. This is known as domain authority (DA). Domain authority does not guarantee a ranking but it tells you how much potential your site has to rank high on SERPs.

What is good domain authority?

Since I wanted to know how do I find my domain authority, I went over to Moz Link Explorer and keyed in my domain name. Before that, I need to tell you that to get the data from this link, you need to open a free account first. The free account allows you to inquire about 10 searches a month.

Back to the score.

Your domain authority is scored from 1 to 100. 1 is the worst score while 100 is the best. This ranking score tells you the potential of your site to rank on the search engine. It is not a guarantee but rather an assessment based on multiple criteria such as how many links are pointing at your domain (known as Link Profile), how good is your pages rank (known as Moz Rank) and whether Moz views the quality of your page (also known as Moz Trust).

What is the average domain authority?

Since the scale ranks from 1 to 100, it is pretty easy to do the math to determine that an average domain authority score is typically between 40 to 60. This average assessment tells you that there is a bit of tweaking that you need to do to get your site to the next level. Frequent content creation and building more back-links will help.

The higher you score the harder it becomes to move to the next point,

What is the difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority?

When I was searching about how do I find my domain authority, I came across something called Page Authority.

Page Authority and Domain Authority are quite similar to another. Page Authority measures the strength of the page to rank on the search engine while domain authority measures the domain or sub-domain. Both use the scale from 1 to 100 and the same measurement criteria.

Why is domain authority important?

The biggest importance of domain authority is that it indicates how valuable your site is in the eyes of other sites that are willing to link up to you because of the quality and authority of your content. Higher scores mean that there are more external links out there that point to your domain and that a good thing.

Domain authority is an indicator. It is not absolute. It is like a weather forecast. Sometimes you get the right prediction and sometimes you do not. Knowing the score allows you to be prepared and take the necessary effort to enhance your site.

Does Google use domain authority

Google has its algorithm and therefore domain authority score means very little to them. Google may have similar measurements to assess page ranking of your site but it does not use domain authority. These are two different things and they do not speak to each other.

Then why are we still talking about domain authority? The metrics in domain authority may be the closest comparison to what Google uses in its algorithm. Since Google no longer discloses what are the metrics used to assess a page rank, domain authority is the closest comparison that you have. Domain authority is an extremely good predictor that has been widely used since 2010 for SEO optimization.

What is the fastest way to increase domain authority?

how to increase your domain rank

Once I knew about how do I find my domain authority, I wanted to know if there are any ways to increase the score. If you are someone who uses and refers to domain authority, there are a few quick fixes that you can do to get into the good books of Moz. Here are 6 best practices and hygiene factors that you can implement right now to have the best possible chance to increase your domain authority ranking.

1. Create content that other people want to link to it.

If you create high quality, content and post them regularly, there will other sites that may want to link to your it because you bring certain additional value and can provide a good reference source or compliment another authoritative site.

The more sites that link to your content, the more trust you will receive from Moz. This will help to boost your ranking. Be careful about link building though as not all links will be regarded as quality links. MozRank and MozTrust do not bother about the number of links you get but how authoritative those links are.

So post out well-written content that is informative to your audience.

2. Linking your internal content to each other is important.

You should not underestimate the importance of internal linking. A website that has optimized internal linking indicates the following characteristics

  • The content in your site ‘speak’ to each other. There is a certain commonality with different pages.
  • Your pages complement each other by providing additional information to certain parts of the content.
  • Helps the visitor to find the information they are looking for much easier
  • Keeps the visitor on your page longer and more engaged as they browse from one relevant link to another.
  • Tells the search engine that each of your content is relevant to one another and also to the overall domain theme.
  • Site indexing will be so much easier.

3. Get rid of broken links on your site

Broken links give a bad rep to your website. Having broken links not only indicates poor quality linking strategy but also gives the impression that the particular website is not updated regularly. Therefore to increase your chances of getting better domain authority ranking, you need to periodically check and remove your bad links.

Remove broken links can be a hassle. It takes time to go through all the links in your content especially if you have a lot of pages on your site. If you are running a WordPress site like me, you can use a free plugin like a broken link checker to make your task much easier.

4. Ensure that your site is mobile friendly.

According to, more than 4 billion mobile users are accessing the internet. Mobile internet can no longer be underestimated and will online grow soon as mobile devices are becoming more faster and sophisticated.

A non-mobile-friendly website will not display properly affecting the user experience. If this continues, you run the danger of losing many potential visitors and online customers. When your visitors don’t stay very long on your site, that behavior gets tracked and it affects the Moz trust factor. This factor will not be beneficial for your domain authority.

One way to check if your site is mobile friendly is through Mobile-Friendly Test by Google Developers. Go to the website and enter your domain to get the results as to how mobile-friendly your site is.

5. You need to make sure that your pages load fast.

 Page loading speed is important to domain authority ranking. The effect of this problem is similar to the mobile-friendly effect where slow page load increases visitor bounce rate. Visitors will not wait for a long time for your pages to load. Once it just takes a bit of time to load compared to their experience with other sites, your visitors will just move on to the next site. One way to make your pages load faster and seamlessly is by using a WordPress plugin called a3 Lazy Load

You can check your page loading speed by going to the PageSpeed tool by Google Developers. This tool provides a score from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the faster your page loads.

6. Build authority in your niche

Authority is the main X factor now in search engine ranking. Google has been stressing something called E.A.T which means Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthy.  Search engine ranking will be faster and higher when using the E.A.T formula. If you want to rank on Google in 2020, you need to provide relevant, quality and engaging content to your visitors.

Building authority increases your visitors and gets more external links. This will in turn help to boost your domain authority.


There is a simple step to know how do I find my domain authority. It is pretty simple to find out the score via Moz. The question is not about the score. The real question is what will you do when you know your domain authority score. There are several ways to enhance the ranking of your score. You will be in a better position to rank higher in the search engine when you get a higher score. However, I may not treat the Moz assessment to be absolute.

To increase your domain authority looks at creating great content, provide great value and build your credibility around it.

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