How To Do Social Media Marketing : Old School Method

how to do social media marketing

Any business requires customers. Period! Regardless of what you sell online. You always need to have someone to buy your product. You need to know how to do social media marketing the right way. The biggest challenge that you might face in this area is finding the right customers who are will to pay you for your product. If you can find these customers then success in online business is almost certain.

It is important to get familiarized with social networking sites. You already know that social media is huge. The question is:

How can you use social media as a business tool to get more customers?

There are tons of potential buyers on social media sites. They are not just there to waste time and look at profiles. Many of them are also open to new business opportunities and new products.

To begin – always check the rules

To get the best out of each social media site, you need to know which one is more pro-business than others. Some social media sites allow members to advertise affiliate links while others do not. For example, Pinterest did not allow members to post affiliate links directly into their pins – however, they have changed their stance on that.

Therefore, you need to know about these things because if you start putting your effort on the wrong sites, you are just wasting your time and will not get any results. Make sure you go through the site’s terms and conditions. If the site has contact info or customer support, you may also inquire about that upfront.

See what others have done as well. However, this should only be a guide. You should always validate that back with the actual site’s policy. Sometimes, there will be people who get away doing unapproved methods. Make sure you are not following the wrong example.

Don’t go overboard

Don’t join every single social media site out there. I know it can be very tempting but please limit yourself to a few big and reputable ones. Plus, you will not have the time to do social media marketing for all the sites out there so don’t even bother trying. Be smart and selective in this aspect.

Joining a few selected social media sites frees up your time to focus on them better. Chances of you getting better results will be higher if you just put your effort and time on a few sites. You will be more active and have more time to do your marketing and push out content. Also, you will be able to engage with your followers better.

The smart thing to do is to choose the most platform with the biggest number of followers. It gives you a bigger pool to connect to as many people as possible. Do not jump from one site to another after a while. Decide on the platform you want to work on and stick with it. As time goes by, you will realize that you will have a bigger audience within your niche.

It is important to decide on the type of audience that you want to be connecting. Facebook Insights is a great tool that provides data on visitor demographic based on a certain niche. Knowing that type of audience in that particular site will help determine whether your product and marketing match the need for demographic.

Top 10 social media sites still relevant in 2020

social media

Here is the top 10 list of social media sites which is worth considering to join.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. Youtube
  6. Linkedin
  7. Tumblr
  9. Hubspot
  10. Tik Tok

Alternatively, here are some other active sites which you may not have heard of :

  1. Reddit
  2. Snapchat
  3. Vine
  4. Buzznet
  5. Flickr

Adopt a different approach to suit each site

To make the most of social networking, you need to present yourself as someone down to earth but professional.  So let’s take a look at how you can do that by focusing on a few important points to remember.

Who are you looking for?


On a very basic level, you’re looking for customers.  But you’re also looking for a certain type of person who is going to become your customer.

You need to find out who that person is.  What do they like?  What are they interested in?  And so on.  And once you have found out the answers to those questions, you can target your social media marketing efforts towards that person.

This should be easy to do if you know your product well.  And it also means you won’t get overwhelmed by the volume of people on the social networking site you are targeting – because you will know exactly which ones you are aiming for.

But make no mistake – knowing your audience is the key to using social networking sites successfully when it comes to marketing your products.  If you don’t know who you are aiming at, you won’t attract much attention at all.  At least, not the type you are looking for.

This follows up on choosing the right sites for you in the first place.  Once you have done that, don’t assume that everyone on that site is going to have an interest in you.  It’s just a question of narrowing your focus even more and zoning in on the people you want to reach.  Don’t try and sell to everyone because it won’t work.

Personalize your profile

Your profile is the first thing visitors want to see to get to know you. When you write your profile, remember that you are writing for others and not for yourself. You are not telling about yourself to you. Instead, it is for strangers to get to know you.

As mentioned above, knowing who your target audience is very important. You should your profile to inform and attract them accordingly. What is your audience looking for? Tell them in your profile that you can provide what they are seeking. If you are in the money-making niche and your audience is also young ambitious and aspiring online entrepreneurs, show them in your profile that they can get valuable knowledge by following you.

Rather than using social media to have fun, use it to build your network, your contact list and create the hype needed. Your profile needs to be able to grab people’s attention until they want to click on it and get to know you even more.

Be the next-door person

That does not mean you need rigid and all formal here. You want to be seen as an expert but not an arrogant and academic one. You want to be the next-door person who has more knowledge in certain subjects and wants to share it. Get it? For example, I do not market myself as a guru in affiliate marketing. I am just a guy who learned the right way through many mistakes and now want to share it with others.

Your profile is not carved in stone. Don’t worry if it does not appear as perfect the first time. Keep working on it and it will become better. Also, you are in the marketing business, so it is ok to exaggerate a bit. Not to the point you are lying. However, you can beat your drums a bit louder. Don’t be ashamed of it.

Use the tools

All these social media sites have promotional tools that are designed to attract more people to join them. Use these tools for your advantage. Place them on your website, blog outgoing email signature, etc.

Here is how you can use Twitter with Facebook.

Nowadays, you can sync many of your sites as part of a social media marketing strategy. Anything you post on Facebook will appear automatically on Twitter, Instagram, etc. The same applies vice versa. Linking all these accounts together helps to cover a bigger pool of people.

Use Firefox

If you’re not using the Firefox browser already, I highly recommend you do so if you are going to be active on social networking sites.

That’s because it gives you far more functionality than many other browsers.  People create add ons to use with Firefox, and since many of these are associated with the social networking sites, your marketing will be made that much easier by using the ones you like the look of.

A good example of how much faster and more convenient Firefox is can be seen by looking at just one of the many add ons that are available for Twitter.  One of the best ones is called TwitterBar, and it quite simply allows you to make a post directly from the address bar that you would usually type your website address into.

Needless to say, this is a real time-saver.  But it also makes your use of the social networking site much more enticing.  This is because you have that regular reminder – by way of a small dot at the end of your address bar – that you have a social networking site you need to be marketing on.

So whatever sites you decide to focus on, check to see if there are any add ons that will make your marketing quicker and easier to achieve.  You’d be amazed at the difference this can make.

Be subtle

Social media marketing like using reverse psychology.  Your end goal is to sell your products.  But the social networking sites don’t generally like you to be that blatant about it.

So what do you do instead?  Simple – you sell your subject.  Or rather, you promote it.  But you don’t promote it by telling people how fabulous your book is.  You promote it by getting them interested in the subject and making it clear that you know what you are talking about.

You might think there’s no difference in this at all, but here’s where people go wrong.  Let’s say you want to sell a book you’ve written about saving money by shopping online.  The last thing you would do is to go on MySpace, Facebook or any other social networking site and try to sell it directly.

People don’t like to be sold upon

Quite apart from the fact that people just wouldn’t be interested and would see it for what it is – an out and out advert – you might get problems from the networking sites themselves.  The majority of them aren’t there for you to take advantage of like this.

So instead you have to think about your subject and find a way to connect with your audience – the very people who ARE going to be interested in a book on saving money.

What you can do here is to dangle a carrot in front of them.  Tell them about some of the more unusual ways you have managed to save money recently.  If you know of any great deals going on, share them with your readers and followers.  They’ll be grateful for it, and they’ll be glad that they’re getting something for nothing as well.

And of course, if you got some useful information from someone you found on a social networking site, you’d bookmark them or start following them, wouldn’t you?  After all, they might have more of the same to share…

Provide value – not just links

Now, most of these social networking sites will let you add a link directly to your website – even if that website happens to offer a wide range of goods for people to buy.

So if you are giving away all this free information on a specific subject as part of your input into a particular social networking site, you will find that more and more people will click through to your website.  Keep an eye on your website stats as you start to make inroads into this type of marketing.  I can almost guarantee that after a while you will see a regular stream of traffic coming from your social networking efforts.  And the more you put into them, the more you get out in the end.

Think SEO – but not too much!


Now, this is something that you can do as a social media marketing effort but it may not break your effort. Many profiles are generic and do not carry any specific keywords. If you can incorporate certain keywords into your profile, it may help with SEO.

Social networking sites are search engines. People conduct searches through name or the related category. If your profile has the keyword ‘natural dog food expert’ and someone types the same keyword, you stand a good chance of being found.

Here is a tip in incorporating your profile with keywords. List down keywords that describe your niche and make it part of your profile. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about the things they will be looking for in that niche.

While it is good to create a profile that is SEO friendly, you don’t want to stuff your profile with tons of keywords. This makes you look spammy and not genuinely interested in engaging your followers. The ground rule for a good profile picture is that it needs to look natural.

Be interested in others

There is no way you can set up a profile and just wait for people to come and start following you. Unless you are a celebrity, you can forget about that approach. People follow those who interest them. They follow you if they feel they can get something in value for them. Most of all, before they follow you, they need to know you.

To generate interest in you, start following others as well. Be visible in their network and get active in their discussion and postings. To make sure this approach is as effective as possible, follow those in your niche.

There is an unwritten rule in the social media world that is called ‘follow for follow’. Almost everyone in social media wants to have a big following. If you follow someone, that person would most probably follow you back. This may not always be the case but it is kind of a ‘ninja’ tactic that you can use to grow your followers quickly. The best way is to follow, provide useful comments and engage.

Social media marketing is constant work. It is not something you can set up and just leave it. Social media is ‘alive’ every day. You need to be present as much as possible.

Track your results

The last thing you want is to put so much effort into your social media marketing campaign but never getting any results. Worst yet, you keep on putting effort on the same site.

Knowing how well your approach is yielding results is important.

When you join an affiliate network site, you will be provided with a unique affiliate URL that can track where does your traffic come from. If you have a website, the site stats would be able to tell your traffic source.

There are people with a huge following but very unresponsive. There are those with a small list but very responsive. Only through tracking, you would be able to know if the result equals the effort.


There are probably lots of reasons for this if you dug down deep into it.  But in my opinion, there is only one that matters.  It’s that people are introduced to you as well as your business – and that breaks down the biggest barrier that exists online today.

Being able to sell stuff all around the world is a huge bonus.  That’s where social networking comes in.  Learning how to do social media marketing is very important. The very fact that many of these sites don’t like you to promote your business blatantly actually does us all a huge favor.  It forces us to get creative and engage with our potential customers in a much more active way.

It’s also the case that the people who are going on these sites are going there with a social mindset.  They are social networking sites, after all.  They aren’t going there to find products.  They’re not going there to be sold anything either, even though some of the sites do have adverts of varying kinds on their pages.

They’re going there to meet up with like-minded people and share experiences and knowledge.  This means that if you can get into the same mindset, you stand a great chance of connecting with them and building the trust that is so vital for all businesses to establish online.  They’re not expecting a hard sell, so if you don’t give try to hard-sell them, they may well end up buying something from you through choice in the future.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  And yet there are plenty of marketers out there today who beg to differ.

So make sure you persevere and establish a profile and a presence on the sites that matter.  And you will find that the audience you seek will start coming to find you.

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