How To Find Your YouTube URL

how to find your YoutTube url

Do you have a YouTube channel? If you don’t, I would suggest you start one as soon as you can. YouTube is a great traffic source and video marketing is blowing up right now.

Your channel URL is an important element because you want to share it with as many people as possible.  Here is a very quick and simple way on how to find your YouTube URL.

Step 1: Access Your Account

  • Log in to your YouTube account and click on Your Channel.

login to youtube and click channel

Step 2: Find Your URL

  • You will be directed to your channel page. This is the page others will see when they come to the channel. Look at the address bar and notice the URL that is displayed.  In this example, the URL of my channel is as below:

Step 3: Remove the query

  • As you can notice, the URL is a bit long. Not everything that you see above is part of the actual URL for your channel.  This part “?view_as=subscriber” that you can see on the address is just a query and you can remove it. Therefore, my URL will now look like this:

There you have it. This is how to find your YouTube URL. If you want to watch the demo, click here.

How to shorten your YouTube URL?

If you want to create an even shorter link to share with others, you can use a link shortener tool called Bitly.  This way, your URL looks better and just comes across more professional.  To do this :

  1. Go to Bitly
  2. Log in using your Google account
  3. Look for Create in the top bar – right side
  4. Click on the link and paste the URL that you want to shorten in the box

shorten the link in bitly


I hope you got your answer on how to find your YouTube URL. I really encourage you to start a channel if you have not done so.

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