How To Manually Cross Publish In Medium

If you have a blog post, I’m going to show you exactly how to manually cross publish in with a simple copy-paste method and setting up your canonical tag correctly.

Can I Cross Publish In Medium?

The short answer is yes! Medium is looking for more and more original content from publishers. They realize that there are bloggers who might be busy creating content on their site and may not have the time to write separate blog posts into the platform. Therefore, medium has allowed cross-publishing which means you can re-post your blog post into their site.

Isn’t that considered as duplicate content?

Only if you do not specify the origins of the article. To avoid that, Medium allows you to set a canonical tag which means a code that tells Google what is the original URL of the post. That way, Google knows that you are not plagiarizing the content and you are giving credit to the original author. In this case, the original author will be you.

How do I import an article into medium?

There a 2 ways to import you can import an article into medium. The first is the easiest way where you can simply click on the ‘Import’ button to transfer your article. Here is how you can do it:

(A) The Import Tool Method

  • Go to
  • Sign in and click on your profile picture
  • Choose stories

  • Click on Import Stories

  • Paste the URL of your original post and click Import

The import will automatically republish your blog content which you have specified in the URL into medium.

However, sometimes this method will not work. You might get a message that says “import failed and the server stop responding while importing this link.”

This basically means that the import tool is not compatible with your page layout. I know this because I actually wrote to medium and this is the answer that I got from them.

If you do face this, there is another way to show you how to manually cross publish in medium. It is not difficult at all and it takes only a few minutes to get it all done.

(B) The Manual Cross Publish Method

  • Return to your profile and this time click on ‘Write a story.’
  • Look for your original blog and copy the entire content including the images.

  • Go back to story page and paste the entire content which you just copied into it.
  • You may need to do a bit of editing but usually, the formatting will be correctly captured.
  • Use Grammarly to correct any spelling mistakes that may have occurred.

Your content is now ready to be published but before that there one critical thing that needs to be done in order to tell Google and Medium where did this blog post come from. This is where you will set the canonical tag.

How do you setup canonical tag for blog post in Medium?

Here is what you need to do in this final critical step:

  • On your medium post page, look for the three dots beside your profile picture. Click on it and scroll down to ‘More Settings’. Choose that option.

  • On the next page, scroll down until you see “Advanced Settings’. Click on that option and you will see 2 options which are ‘Customize story link’ and ‘Customize canonical link’
  • Tick the box that says “This story was originally published elsewhere.”
  • You will see a column to type your canonical URL. This is the same URL as your original blog post. Copy that URL and paste it in the column.
  • Click on ‘save the canonical link.’ Go back to the top of the page and choose ‘ go back to the editor.’ It will take you back to the post where you have pasted the blog content.
  • Click Publish and you are done! is one of the top sites in the world. it gets millions of visitors every day and it is one of the very popular go-to sites for people looking to find content and looking to find answers to certain things.

If you feel that your blog is worthy enough to be shared you should be using medium and publish frequently using one of these methods and very soon you’ll be able to see a stream of traffic coming to your site.


You have just learned how to manually cross publish in medium using the simple copy-paste method and inserting your canonical tag to avoid your post to seen as duplicate content. The cross-publishing method is very useful for bloggers and content creators who want to post on multiple platforms especially medium. It takes away the hassle of creating a brand new blog post in medium and at the same time saves tons of time. Let me know what you think about this method and do leave a comment below and share how’s your experience posting in medium.

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