How To Write A Blog Post Fast In 60 Minutes!

how to write a blog post fast

How to write a blog post fast? Content creation is very important for a blog. To write a blog post quickly, you need to have an outline and a routine that will help you break the content into bite-sized chunks that is easy to manage. I have a certain ritual that I go through when writing a blog post, it has worked me even if it takes a bit of time and I would like to share this process with you.

To run a successful blog, you need to push out quality content consistently. A well-written blog post will attract the attention of the search engine. A higher ranking means more visitors to your site. A constant flow of visitors to your site helps to influence better domain authority and the total authoritativeness of your blog.

How to research for a blog post?

Most of the time when I write a blog post, I actually do not have an available in-depth knowledge about that subject in my mind. I am sure it is the same as you and others. However, not knowing much about the subject does not mean you cannot know more about it through learning.

One of the reasons I write my own blog post instead of outsourcing it is because this process allows me to do research and learn more about the topic that I am writing.

I do research on a particular topic in several ways:

(a) Content Research

  • Type your keyword in Google for the related result. Go through the top 10 search results and look for relevant information regarding your blog
  • Do the same method with YouTube.
  • Check out Ezine articles for the relevant content
  • Read books related to your content

(b) Keyword Research

  • Use Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to list down keywords that relate to your main keyword. Once you have them, place these keywords within your content.
  • My favorite way to do keyword research is just to let Google tell me. Type in your main keyword into the search bar. Google will automatically tell you a list of question that relates to your main keyword. I will use this info as additional information to form the topic of my blog.

How do you outline a blog post?

Blog outline

I never write a blog post without an outline. If you are keen to learn how to write a blog post fast, you need an outline. An outline will help you with the following:

  • It gives you the overall view of your post. You will be able to see the starting point and the ending point of your blog. You will also be able to view the content points. That will help you determine if you are structuring your blog points correctly.
  • Helps break your blog post into smaller subtopic, which you can easily write. Example: I am targeting to write 1500 words for this post. As you can see, I have divided this blog post into 8 smaller sections. This means I will only need to write about 190 words per section to achieve my target.

Your post outline needs to have these four elements:

1. A good title header

  • A good title header grabs the audience’s attention. ‘How to write a blog post fast’ is catchy because people are always looking to create content quicker.

2. An image that is relevant to the post.

  • The image makes your post livelier and if you choose the right image, it send certain messages to the reader, which cannot be captured through words. Sometimes, a reader is able to understand the entire intent of the post through the image alone.
  • Only use more than two images if it helps to explain the content of your post. Otherwise, stick to one or two. When I first started, I used to put an image on every subsection. That is not necessary.

3. Sub-sections

  • In between content will be a subsection that has been researched in #2. The more subsection you create, the less you have to write for each subsection.  Creating these sub-topics will also help your visitors to scan through the blog post better and faster.

4. A conclusion.

  • Always end your blog post by summarizing your key message. Do not keep it fancy. Do a simple, straightforward conclusion and put some of your final thoughts into it.

Start Writing First Blog Post Draft

An outline shows you how to write a blog post fast. Once you have the outline, start writing the content. When you did your research, please take note of some important points that you could use in your content. Be careful to not copy and paste the original material into your blog post. Turn them into your own words. Remember, the purpose of doing research is to get ideas, which you can translate in your own way. It is not too steal the content of another site.

Do not worry about keyword placement, links or images at this point. The whole purpose at this stage is to write your content in small chunks as quickly as possible to meet the 1500 words target.

When I write the first draft, it gives me a chance to see my entire blog post. It allows me to re-read my post and tweak, remove or add anything that I feel is missing. By having a draft, I also get additional ideas when I read the content. These ideas contribute to the further enhancement of the blog.

Finalize Your Blog Post Draft

Once your first draft is done, you can go ahead to finalize the content of your post. Here are some ways to clean up your content:

  • Make sure no spelling or grammatical error. Read the draft a few times to make sure that the article is well written
  • Look at your subsections and make sure it is in order.
  • If the post is still not in 1500 words range, you need to do additional research and add more information to the existing content or create more sub-section within the post.
  • You need to ensure that your main keywords are in the opening, closing and naturally placed in between your content. For a blog of 1500 words, it is sufficient for the main keyword to appear 4 to 5 times throughout the post.

Insert pictures and links

When you have finalized your blog post, you can insert pictures and relevant links to your post.

Pictures for your post:

  • Do not go crazy on the number of pictures that you insert in your post. For a standard blog post of 1500 words, 1 to 2 images would be sufficient. Then the purpose of using a general image is to visually enhance and look and feel of your post. I always insert an image on the top of my post and another one somewhere in the middle.
  • If you want to use pictures to help explain your content better then you may use more than two. However, keep it to a minimum as possible. Not all subsections need a picture. Process charts and statistics tables will help visually explain the message of your content to your audience. Insert those where you think it will provide the biggest impact.
  • Too many pictures in your blog post will affect the loading time of your site. This causes the bounce rate to your post to increase. To avoid this, I would strongly suggest you use plugins that will help optimally resize your image.

Links for your post:

  • It is important to have links to your post. Both external links and internal links play an important role in search engine optimization. Both links serve a different purpose but they are useful to your audience and your ranking.

External Links

  1. Link your post to quality sites, which means authoritative sites.
  2. If you are quoting any stats, certain processes or findings, which comes from another post, link to them.
  3. Linking to external sites increases your active trail in the digital and makes it easier to be picked up by search engines.

Internal Links

  1. By linking your pages to one another, you will be creating relatability from one post to another.
  2. Internal links will help your visitors move in between the post and keep them longer on your site.
  3. Internal linking will tell the search engine your post are inter-connected and aligned to the theme of your overall site. It helps to increase your domain authority.


The best way to learn how to write a blog post fast is to have a clear writing plan. To recap, choose the topic to write, make sure the topic is compelling enough to attract your audience. Next, create an outline for your post and start writing your first draft. Once completed, re-read, tweak your content with additional information, pictures, links, and a good succinct conclusion.

Knowing how to write a blog post fast can be beneficial but I do have stress here that the important factor should always be quality. Your post should always provide useful information and well written. Do not force yourself to write a post in a short amount of time, let it happen naturally. The more you write, the faster you will get. Practice makes perfect.

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