Internet Marketing Scam : I Fell For It!

internet marketing scam

You know, one of the things that really inspired me to get involved in internet marketing was to try to bring honesty and integrity back into this space. Internet marketing scam is a big problem in this industry and we are not talking about some fly by night scammers here. There are people who actually make a great living without bringing any sort of value to the end-user.  What is worse is that these scammers spoil the market for good honest marketers and newbies entering this market. This is my personal opinion about the issue.

How I recently got scammed

 I was recently browsing through this reputable website online marketers launch their products. I have been there many times and I have bought some products from them over the years. So naturally, I trusted this site and I felt that the marketers here would genuine.

So I came across this guy (I don’t want to name names here) who just launch his bundle product. This bundle had a collection of different items which normally you have pay between $47 to $67 per product. This bundle was being sold for $47 so I thought it was a good deal.

Did I buy it?

I wondered for a few days before deciding to buy it. Typically, I would only buy products that I want to use immediately. During those days, I did some research, and here is where I came across some red flags. However, I ignored those because the sales pitch for the bundle was just so good and the selling price was very attractive. There were 3 important red flags during this time:

  1. Seller just joined the product launch platform
  2. Seller did not have any information listed about him apart from his name.
  3. He offered a vague money-back guarantee. I say vague because he offered a money-back but it came with a set of requirements that needs to fulfilled by the buyer. And he hinted very strongly that most likely he will not be returning back the money but will work a solution in case I came across any issues.

Long story short, I decided to get it. After the purchase I was directed to the product download page. It was one page with a few list of product links. Here is where I got very irritated, I could not download most of it. Either it gave me an error message or it simply did not download. I am sure that most of you want your product immediately after the purchase. If you have to troubleshoot something you just paid for, you will definitely be not happy.

How did I react?

I decided to write to the seller immediately. No reply for that day. Two more days passed. At this point, I was already angry as you can imagine. I contacted the platform in which he sold the product. I wrote an official complaint I made another complaint to PayPal’s resolution center.

In the end, I did not get my money back. The seller never contacted me. I was left with a product which I bought with my hard-earned money but could not use it. It may surprise you but after a few more days of not hearing from this guy, I just closed off the case. I could not be bothered. I had better things to focus on.

It was not the fact that I just blew off my $47 that disappointed me. It is disheartening to see this type of people online. I am sure that there are others too who fell victim to these unscrupulous internet marketers.

Why is internet marketing scam a big problem?

According to this article from the Verge, get rich quick scheme on the internet has mutated into an online monster. I can’t agree more. It is very disheartening to see that this type of irresponsibility spoils the market for honest marketers who are trying to break in. However, internet marketing space itself is not a scam. You have the chance to make things right again.

What can you do to make things right?

There is no complicated answer to this. Do your business honestly. Represent your product the right way. Make sure that you deliver value to the end-user. Treat your customer as to how you want someone else to treat you as a customer.

Other concerns in internet marketing

Besides the case above, these are some of the things which are a cause for concern for me. I have come across this many times just like you.

  1. Ebooks which was actually just another rehashed copy with very poor content.
  2. Low-quality PLRs. I still remember people telling me to get a PLR, change the title, the first and last paragraph, slap a new cover, and sell it off. If you are giving it away, I would agree with that but if you are selling it, you need to do a bit more work.
  3. Video products are just a bunch of wordy power-point. There are no screenshots or demos, just words. These sometimes sells for $37.
  4. Have you heard of a voice-over trying so hard to speak with an accent? Is that necessary? Why can’t we speak English just the way we speak no matter which country we’re from? Some marketers really try to sound differently – you can literally hear them put on a fake accent.
  5. The packaging of the product is so much better than the product itself. It is almost the seller spent more money and time on the design of the product rather than the actual content. What exactly are they selling here?

How can you avoid being scammed?

I think you need to be aware of the red flags and trust your gut feeling on this. In my case, I was not 100% sure of my decision and I went against my gut feeling despite seeing the red flags. Sure enough, I made the wrong decision. Some red flags to look are :

Seller’s profile.

  1. Are you familiar with the seller?
  2. Is this a very new seller?
  3. Are there any reviews for the seller?

Terms of purchase

  1. Do the terms sound dodgy?
  2. Is there a clear no questions asked money-back guarantee?

Value for money

  1. Does the offer sound too good to be true?


The Internet marketing scam will always be around. There will always be people trying to find loopholes, lure unsuspecting buyers, and make a quick buck. The only way to stop them is by making sure we make smart consumer decisions. More importantly, as internet marketers ourselves, we need to set a good example in the market. There are good marketers out there. There are people who genuinely want to help and offer great products. We need to be one of them! Think about relationship building, trust, and long term when it comes to doing to this business.

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