Lessons I Learned Building An Online Business

lessons i learned online

You started your new year with an enthusiastic resolution – this will be the time where you will start your new online business.  2 weeks have gone by and you are still staring at the ceiling. Nothing started! I have been there and here are the lessons I learned while building an online business.

Have you wondered why it is so difficult to get up and get going? Do you find yourself struggling to keep the momentum going? Is your enthusiasm fading away? Do you feel stuck?

If you have been in this situation, at least you will be glad to know that this situation is not isolated just to you. I have been there too and it took me a while to realize what could be the actual problem.


When I started my online business, I wanted it to be as perfect as possible. I wanted to start right and end right. My approach, plan, and choices had to be spot on.

I took my time in creating a vision for my business. I took a long time selecting a niche. Niche selection is probably one area, which took most of my time and energy. I went through the selection process repeatedly. I needed my niche to be perfect.

Was my niche perfect? No, it was not.

One of the lessons I learned while building an online business is that overthinking just made me overwhelmed. When I analyzed too much, I found myself getting into this internal mind debate of questioning, cross-examining and defending everything I did, do and wanted to do in this business. I found myself going into the rabbit hole of never-ending possibilities.

I also realized that this habit of thinking too much could stem from the fact that I was afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are for people who did not know what they were doing. I did not want to be one of those people.


I did not reserve the right amount of energy to build this business. What do I mean by that? Well, building an online business is no easy feat. Looking from the outside, seeing a picture of someone sipping coffee while working in his or her pajamas may be exciting but the truth can be far from reality.

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into building a business online. Late hours, late nights, weekends, juggling in between jobs, which requires you to have some energy in your tank to always keep going.

If you tend to be sluggish then it affects your mentality. Feeling tired after work is common especially if you are building this business part-time.  Not having the energy to even think about writing some content or working on my site is a frequent occurrence. Hence, sometimes, I end up not working on my business for days or even weeks! The danger about this situation is that once this lapse becomes prolonged, I find myself getting less excited about the prospect of building a business online.

To me, having the energy to keep on working on your business is extremely vital in ensuring that you stay motivated. If you are always tired and worn out, the will to keep moving will not be there.

Easily Distracted

Another one of the lessons I learned while building an online business that I am quite common for most people is a distraction. I love watching TV and YouTube videos. I can spend hours watching different programs. So instead of working, I tend to ‘reschedule’ or procrastinate. This was a problem for me as I was just inclined to lie on my bed and watch TV.

I practically wasted my time watching TV when I could have worked on improving my business. This was not about overthinking or energy, this was simply about habit.

You know, I would love to list another 15 things that will keep you from succeeding in your business like technical knowledge, funding, etc but to me, these 3 are the most important factors that affected me. I believe no matter how many resources you have, as long as these factors are present, they will be detrimental to your success.

When I realized that I was not going anywhere with my business, I began to make some incremental changes that allowed me more time to build my online income. I would like to share these with you and hopefully, it will help you overcome these obstacles.

I Changed My Mindset

Sounds easy right? It is.

Over analyzing does not work. It is time to make a decision and move on with it. By deciding that I would not be afraid of making mistakes, it allowed me to hit the ground running.

I had a weekly planner where I put in all the things that I wanted to accomplish for the week and stuck by it. I did not shy away from asking for help when I needed it. Gradually, I was moving at a consistent pace and did not lag. I was on track!

I Took Care Of My Health

It came to my realization that the only way I will have more energy is if I had a healthy body (and a mindset). I started avoiding late nights as much as I could. I ate clean and exercised regularly. My health started improving incrementally and I found that even after a long day at the office, I still had some reserves of energy left in the tank to work on my site.

When my health became better, my energy letter improved. Not only that, I had better clarity in my thought process and that greatly helped me to come up with better ideas for my business.

So when they say health is wealth, do not doubt that.

Compartmentalized My Time

Watching TV is a favorite pastime of mine. However, I do know that I spend too much time on it. Excessively much.  Therefore, I decided to break my time between work and entertainment. Breaking up my time to certain hours of the day to work on my business helps a lot.

I wake up earlier now to have at least 45 minutes to an hour to get online. I use my lunchtime in my office to start writing content. After a workout, I am usually tired but I allocate just about 45 minutes to get something going. I find that when I allow myself a small window period, my mind gets sharper because I know time is limited and I cannot afford to waste it.

Interestingly, I would think that 45 minutes is more than enough for my mind to concentrate but what happens is it usually extends to another 30 minutes to an hour and I end up spending more time working online.

I find that breaking the time into small chunks that I can manage without feeling pressured or overwhelmed works well for me. Having a weekly planner helps. The focus was much better.  It helps in taking small but consistent strides towards building the business. I made sure I followed it as much as I could. It allowed me to keep moving at a steady consistent pace.


If I could summarize the lessons I learned when building an online business, it is this – it starts with you. Period! The desire to want to keep going comes within you. How much do you want it! How much sacrifice are you willing to make? You can have all the resources in the world but nothing changes unless you change.

So make the change today and all the best for you.

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