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ListMe Review – Could Have Been Sold Better


I recently came across this product called ListMe by Cynthia Benitez and decided to do a review on it. ListMe claims to be able to help anyone in building their email list fast. I initially thought it was a good product to promote.

ListMe Sales Page

The sales page of the product was brief and general. Details of the product were hard to find in the content. It terms of design it was alright, as to long the sales page was, I thought it was decent. I am not a person who judges a sales copy by the length of it.

Since I did not get a review copy of ListMe to see if it was any good, I had to evaluate the product based on the sales copy. Sales copy is essentially the window to a product.

She had an introductory video which was good. It had some general statements about why you need to buy the product. I thought it appeared authentic. Since I could not get more out of the video, I wanted to see if there was any other information on the sales page.

What ListMe Could Have Done Better?

The front end offer is an ebook that is sold for $7.95 which is supposed to give all the steps to build your list fast. That was pretty much the only explanation of the product. The creator did not offer any detailed description of the product.

There were no screenshots of the modules that are covered in the training. There was no way to find out about what are the areas covered by this product.

The ListMe System

There was no clarification as to what type of training is offered and how it helps to solve your problem as a buyer. All that was on the sales page was:

  1. Sit back and view the step by step training
  2. Copy exactly what you see on the course
  3. Sit back and watch your list grow
  4. Scale Up – which is an optional step

Obviously the seller is selling this as a system or a method but I was puzzled as to why she did not take one more step further to show the demo of the steps or at least provide screenshots for potential buyers to see how it actually works.

ListMe or Commission Seeker?

When I scrolled down to the 30-day money-back guarantee section, it said the product’s name was Commission Seeker. Either this was a page of a different product that was edited or this is a PLR product which the creator branded as ListMe. Either way, I think the seller forgot to make the necessary changes and could have done a better job.

As mentioned, I did not get a review copy. Initially, I wanted to buy the front end offer and do a review but after going through the sales page, I felt that this is not a product that I want to purchase. There is no confidence element to help me make a purchasing decision.


As much as I want to tell you in this ListMe review if the product is good or not, I am unable to due to the lack of information. But there is a very important lesson here. The sales page is an extremely important element to sell your product to a potential buyer. It needs to be convincing and provide answers to the solution that the customer is seeking. Even a good sales page can sometimes be deceiving. I have fallen to unscrupulous sellers before so I know from experience that reviewing the sales page is important.

As a buyer, you need to look at how the sales page is crafted. You need to feel confident with the content before making a decision to buy.

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