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MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Pro Review: 9 Ways To Profit In 9 Days

MyTrafficJacker Review Clickbasics

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Pro review by Clickbasics will evaluate if this product by Joshua Zamora will help legally steal traffic from other top sites. Is this the right product? Should you buy and how much will you be paying for it? Let’s find out.

Now, the bold claim by MyTrafficJacker is that it will help you legally hijack traffic and authority from four of the biggest and most authoritative sites. You can then redirect it anywhere you want. That is a strong claim and I was very interested to find out if this software lives up to the hype.

One of the fastest ways that users are using this strategy to turn a profit is to immediately redirect the traffic from these expired domains to an affiliate offer.

Who is the creator of MyTrafficJacker?

clickbasics joshua zamora

MyTrafficJacker is created by Joshua Zamora who also created the affordable email marketing service called Sendiio among other products. He is a top 1% Seller and Affiliate in JVZoo and has been with them since 2012. So, that validates that this is a legit creator.

What is MyTrafficJacker?

MyTrafficJacker is an updated version of the previous 1.0 version. This is a tool that can pick up expired domains that still have live links from 4 top sites like Youtube, Wikipedia, Quora, and BBC. It gives you the advantage to leverage the authority of these sites and drive traffic that comes from them.

What does this mean?

Many expired domains still have links in other content and sites. These domains could have expired for many different reasons but because their domain links are still placed in different sites, it still attracts traffic. MyTrafficJacker enables you to find those links and buy them at a cheap price.

Once you have bought them, you can redirect them to your site. Therefore, whatever traffic that is coming to the original link is now diverted to your site. Hence the word ‘hijack’. Sounds like a neat strategy right?

Here some screenshot samples of MyTrafficJacker

clickbasics MyTrafficJacker screenshot1

clickbasics MyTrafficJacker screenshot2

clickbasics MyTrafficJacker screenshot3

9 Ways To Use MyTrafficJacker

  1. Find a good expired domain, buy it, and redirect it to an affiliate offer.
  2. Redirect a domain within your niche to your site or your product.
  3. Need traffic to build your list? Divert the traffic to your squeeze page.
  4. Build an Adsense site around this domain and start earning with the free traffic that comes with it.
  5. Flip the domain and resell it in a domain auction site for a higher profit.
  6. Rebuild a website around the domain and sell the website for profit.
  7. Get a few domains with building a network of blogs around it. Not only do you create interlinks between these blogs, but you are also automatically getting backlinks from top authority sites like YouTube, Quora, Wikipedia, and BBC.
  8. Rent out the blog network to other online marketers and charge them a monthly fee.
  9. Sometimes domain expires because the owner forgot to renew it. Contact the previous owner and if he or she is interested, sell back the domain at a higher price.

Why MyTrafficJacker can be great for you?

  1. You can get tons of traffic without having to create any videos
  2. You don’t need a website
  3. No traffic cost because you will get free traffic from the links.
  4. You don’t have to signup for a hosting account like SiteGround or HostGator

Watch MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Pro review in action:

Is MyTrafficJacker a good buy?

  • Here is what I think about this tool. It is a great software to find expired domains very quickly based on any niche. You don’t have to manually go to domain sites and spend hours finding the cheap expired domains within a certain niche. MyTrafficJacker makes this entire process so easy and automated.
  • Not only can you buy cheap good domain names with live links in authority sites, but you can also check the domain authority using any free SEO checker (just Google SEO free checker). Not only can you find expired domains with quality backlinks, but it may also have a very good domain authority which can be powerful.
  • You can go to the registrar of that domain and buy it right away with a single click. Your entire ‘domain shopping’ experience can be done from this one platform. Again, in my opinion, a very valuable time saver.
  • This tool has a set reminder feature which is useful if you found a domain name that is about to expire. Using MyTrafficJacker, you can see the expiry date and set a reminder to come back later and purchase it if you are interested. There is also an affiliate spy tool that finds you high converting offers that you use for redirection. These features are all available in the upsells. However, for me, the front end product is the most impressive. It is good enough to get you started.


Concluding MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Pro review, I think that this is a cool tool to have. It is an expired domain finder with enhanced features to show if the domain has backlinks from 4 different authority sites. You can use this tool to find valuable domains that you can resell, redirect traffic, and build sites around. It opens up additional money-making possibilities. If you are interested to know more about this product, please visit MyTrafficJacker here.

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