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4 in 1 Brand New Mental Health PLR with Private Label Rights

New Comprehensive Guide - Total 20 Chapters, 43 Pages With Over 11,000 Words!


This offer is valid only for the first 25 buyers. After that, price goes up to $27 forever! Only one time $7, no recurring, no upsells or hidden payments. You pay one time for everything!

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PLR #1 : How To Become A Mental Health First Aider

List of Chapters

**each chapter comes with examples and case studies

PLR #2 : Opening Script For Mental Health First Aider

What Will You Get

PLR #3 : The PHQ-9 Survey

What Will You Get

PLR #4 : Detailed Checklist For A Mental Health First Aider

What Will You Get

Private Label Rights (PLR)

You get Private Label Rights (PLR) for this entire product above. This priceless license gives you the ability to do the following:

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Mental Health Demand World Wide In Since 2004

Mental Health First Aider Demand In US For The Past 12 Months

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To help you multiply your success and profit, here's 15 more FREE Bonuses easily worth more than $500.00! They are yours!

Bonus 1 : Life Coaching and Motivation

Bonus 2: Ways To Inner Peace

Bonus 3: Independent Transformation

Bonus 4 : Within Your Means

Bonus 5 : Brain Fog

Bonus 6: Life Changing Magic

Bonus 7: Astral Travel

Bonus 8: Attraction Awareness

Bonus 9: You Can Heal Yourself

Bonus 10: Bring The Best Out Of The Worst People

Bonus 11: Childhood Maladies

Bonus 12: Complete Concepts To Boost Creativity

Bonus 13: Focus On One

Bonus 14: Have More Energy Volume 1

Bonus 15: Have More Energy Volume 2

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4 in 1 Personal Development Bundle


Full PLR Rights


How To Make Money With PLR Playbook


15 Additional Bonuses

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This offer is valid only for the first 25 buyers. After that, price goes up to $27 forever! Only one time $7, no recurring, no upsells or hidden payments. You pay one time for everything!

Please note that, these products do not come with any money-back guarantee. That does not mean that I am dishing out a low-quality product to profit some quick bucks. That is not the case! However, as these are digital products, customers can still keep and use these products even after getting a refund which will not be fair to the seller. Every effort has been made to ensure you get a high-quality product at the lowest price possible. This product, license, and bonuses have been created to help you make money online. I am very confident that it will be challenging for you to find a product of this quality and value for the price you will pay for it.

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This offer is valid only for the first 25 buyers. After that, price goes up to $27 forever! Only one time $7, no recurring, no upsells or hidden payments. You pay one time for everything!

Still Here? Here are few Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for you...

Who is this course ideal for?

This is for anyone who looking for high quality PLR content to start and run an online business. 

Can you really sell such a high quality product like this?

Yes, you can! It is rare to get PLR rights to an in-demand product of this VALUE and QUALITY, and to put together a course like this would cost you ALOT of money and time in researching, editing, and creation! Not to mention the hours that you would need to put in. 

What are my rights with the PLR license?

With PLR, you can resell this course as-is, edit the bundle, add graphics, add your name, use it as a bonus to your current offers, add it as an upsell in your sales funnels etc  

How long do I have access to the course?

After purchasing you have unlimited access so long as you do not refund the product.

Why is this product so cheap?

This product is meant for everyone who wants high quality content at an affordable price to start and succeed in internet marketing. Cost should not be a hindrance for you to get started on this journey. That is why this product is priced at such a great deal to allow access to anyone who needs it!

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