Niche Marketing BOXX – PLR With Rare High-Quality Video Collection

Niche Marketing BOXX is a mega-collection of over 250 instructional internet marketing videos that will help show the right methods to any aspiring online marketer who wants to build a successful online business. This review will reveal why the BOXX is a must-have for anyone who is interested to build a digital business the right way.

(1) What Is Niche Marketing BOXX

Niche Marketing BOXX is simply a mega-collection of over 257 instructional videos that shows you click by click how to go about setting up your digital business. 

There is nothing fancy or magical about it. It is simply a collection of high-quality videos.

(2) The Epidemic Of Low Quality Products

When I decided to start my journey as an online marketer, the first thing I had to do was to find out how to go about doing it. Finding the right pathway sounded simple but in reality, it was not. 

The internet may seem to be an ocean of information but when it comes to understanding the total roadmap to build an online business, information is fragmented, overwhelming, and vague. 

The amount of low-quality videos being offered as a digital business solution is staggering.

Experienced marketers slap words into PowerPoint and record them as videos that supposedly will help someone in their online journey. Worst yet, some of the video products are marketed as the ‘magic pill’ but all they offer is nothing more than whatever you can already find in a cheap free ebook or YouTube. 

Have you bought one of these types of videos?

I have! Many times! The sales page, product packaging, and the hype is so convincing that you actually believe in it 

I sometimes wish these marketers would put as much effort into their products as they did with their sales page and e-covers.

Here is where Niche Marketing BOXX is different from the usual garbage out there.

(3) What Are You Getting With Niche Marketing BOXX?

Quality and Quantity

As I mentioned earlier, you’re getting over 250 internet marketing videos in one single package!

But it is not just the quantity of the videos that you’re getting. These are high-quality videos and by that, I mean instructional videos that show you click by click how to go about building a successful online business.

You literally get a ‘front row’ view as you watch how things are done and copy the exact steps into your methods.

Knowledge Directly From Experts

Getting a course from just anybody will do you no good at all if the person who created the course is just as clueless as you are.

Nowadays, everyone on YouTube is an internet marketing guru! Everyone seems to know the secret of online success except for yourself.

You want to learn from the real experts. Those who walk the talk, been there done that type of marketers.

Niche Marketing BOXX gives you exactly. All these videos were created by successful internet marketers who show you how they go about creating their online business.

This is very valuable knowledge and you’re getting tons of them.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Niche Marketing BOXX comes with front-end Private Label Rights (PLR) which you can edit the entire package and claim ownership as your product.

PLR gives you so much flexibility to work with the product itself. You probably already have heard about PLR or have even purchased it before. However, I must say that it is very rare for PLR to be offered at the front end for a product of this size.

Too Much Content To Work With

Really. There are tons of content in this package that you can repurpose in different ways. Below are just some of the ways:

  • Use this content to create your own videos for a YouTube channel
  • Pull blog topic ideas from these videos
  • Learn the methods taught in Niche Marketing BOXX and turn these lessons into an email course which you can use to connect with your email subscribers.
  • Turn this product into an offline material
  • Combine the materials and create a one single mega course.

An Unbeatable Price

The front-end product sells for $17. Now, I don’t how much you think $17 is worth but you will not be able to find a product of this size and quality for such an affordable price.

257 videos for $17 is extremely generous. Plus, Niche Marketing BOXX also comes with an additional 79 bonus videos.

Overall, you’re getting 336 videos with Private Label Rights for just $17. This is without a doubt an unbeatable offer.

(4) Niche Marketing BOXX Funnel

There is 2 additional funnel in this offer. One is an upsell for $27 and another is a downsell for $11.95.

Upsell : Niche Marketing GOLD

The upsell offers 3 products in one single package. The combination of these 3 products will help you create your own digital product from ground zero, create and utilize videos into your product and finally launch your product in JVZoo.

This offer comes with 3 additional premium bonuses and PLR as well.

Downsell : Niche Marketing LITE

The downsell is a tapered-down version of the GOLD product. You get 2 of the main product and 2 bonuses plus the PLR as well.

(5) Conclusion

I absolutely recommended Niche Marketing BOXX to anyone who wants to learn the practicals of building a successful online business. These are very good videos and if you were to buy them separately (I doubt you can even find them now), it is going to cost you a lot of money. For $17, this is a bargain. If you’re not sure about the offer, you can download 5 free sample videos from the collection and see for yourself the quality and content that you’re getting.

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