Pick Any Product And Make It Into A Best Seller

Pick Any Product And Make It Into A Best Seller-min-min

The internet has presented a huge opportunity for many aspiring online entrepreneurs. There are so many product creators out there. This presents a great opportunity for anyone to pick any product and make it into a best seller. In this post, you will learn that it is possible to pick any product that is not so popular and turn in into a hot selling product.

There are certain steps that you can follow to increase the probability of success. We will be talking about:

  • The type of product that you can sell
  • How do you identify the right product
  • Who is your target market?
  • Building a relationship with your audience
  • Getting your audience to come to you
  • The power of recommendation


Generally, there are 2 different types of products which can be targetted.

  1. Physical products
    • can be touched.
    • needs to be physically delivered to the customer
    • need to keep inventory and stock up product

Affiliate marketing is a good option where you can promote other people’s products. 

Dropshipping is also an option that you can get into. Dropshipping is a business model where you don’t have to keep inventory. Products are sent on your behalf by the dropshipping company.  Your primary task will be marketing and connecting customers to the product.  In this model, you get to collect your commission first and don’t have to wait for a payout level.

2. Digital products or virtual products

  • can be downloaded
  • this can include reports, newsletters, eBooks and even some items of software or applications.
  • primarily information based
  • these products can be accessed immediately.
  • low start-up cost
  • low risk to create


Anyone who wants to start selling a product online will have this ultimate question:

how to find the right digital produt which is in demand?

If you can answer this question, you will have no problem making money online. The biggest reason why many fail in this aspect is not that they have chosen the wrong product. It is because they have not chosen the right steps to sell the product. This is what you are going to learn in this post.  The definition of an unknown product in the post is a product that already exists, so it won’t include anything you come up with yourself.

You can try to look for products that are still new in the market. These are products that are about to be launched. Therefore the market is still green and you have an equal opportunity to come and compete with others. To find out about products that are about to launch soon, you can check out a site called MunchEye.


With MunchEye, you can sign up as an affiliate to promote a particular product.  You don’t necessarily need a website to get started. There are countless product launches that you can pick from and make it into a best seller.

You can also go for a product that is already in the market but has not sold well yet. Not all products that don’t sell means it is not a good product. Sometimes, the owner did not do good marketing efforts. If you can identify such a product, there is an opportunity for you to come in and turn it into a best seller.

The purpose here is to guide you to find a good product that has not been selling well and make money out of it.

Where to find products?


As mentioned. MunchEye is one place you can look for products that are not in the market yet.  Affiliate network sites also have thousands of products that you can choose from. You can join prominent sites like

  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction.

They’re well known and highly respected sites which give you access to thousands and thousands of products to promote.  They are free to join,

Ideally, you would want to be looking for products that you like and has a good sales page. It does not have to be a hot-selling product. As long as you feel confident with your choice and it fits into your niche.


When you are deciding on the product which you want to sell, you should also decide to whom are you going to sell it. You can start at either end of the process – you might find a particular type of product that you think could be a good seller in this way, or you might find a particular niche or group of people that have money to spend, and then go off in search of a product that will meet their needs.

If you find a product you think will be good, you will then need to identify the potential audience for that product and ask yourself some questions to figure out whether it’s a good bet to start promoting or not.  Here are the kinds of things you need to be asking yourself:

  • Does this audience represent a good niche market that can easily be reached online?
  • Does this audience have money to spend?
  • Is the product you are thinking of promoting significantly different from anything else they have seen?
  • Does the product fit into the type of price they might pay?

These questions will help you to figure out whether you have chosen a good product for starters.  For example, you may have found a product that is priced at $100 and is aimed at young mothers with kids.  Now, this could be a really good product that works and has been thought out.

But you need to think about whether young mums have that kind of money to spend.  Is that why this product hasn’t become a best seller before now?  It could well be.

When you find the right target market, you can reverse the approach and find any product that the market would pay for. This makes it easy for you to pick any product and turn it into a best seller.

How many people could you sell this to?

It’s important to think about how big the niche is that you are thinking of targeting.  Niche markets are potential moneymakers. You need to make sure you don’t target a niche that is so small you will exhaust it in no time.

This is a fine balance that you need to get right when marketing online because targeting too big an audience will mean that appealing to everyone is virtually impossible, whereas going too far in the other direction will mean you have too few people to try and find.

Here’s an example –

targeting people who buy groceries would include virtually everyone on the planet.  Targeting people who buy a specific brand of washing powder on a Thursday every week would target too few.  But targeting people who are looking for an eco-friendly product to wash their clothes with might just achieve the right balance.

Remember that while you need to do your research to make sure you stand the best chance to pick any product and making it into a best-seller, you also have to have a little faith and simply try it out and see what happens once you reach a certain stage in your research.

Finding a product for your niche


If you started the other way round and found a good niche market before finding a product that would suit them, all you need to do is visit JVZoo, ClickBank or Commission Junction, or anyone of the other similar sites out there on the internet today, and search for a product that would suit those customers.

You can use keywords to make this part of the process easier; think about the type of products that may suit these people and start your search there.

For example, let’s say you want to find a product that would appeal to people who have an interest in staying slim.  You could look up healthy foods, slimming books, low-calorie recipes, fitness, and so on.  These will give you a good start, and as you find specific products that you think might fit the bill, you can move on from there.

If you are working in this way you might find it helpful to have a shortlist of products that are new to you.  You can then look them up on the Internet and see whether there is a lot of links to them, any news, or much interest in them at all.  You’ll soon discover whether you have found an unknown product or not.


Everyone wants information – and it’s what the internet does best.  Many websites exist simply to provide information and nothing else, It is worth considering whether you could create your information product that will be completely unknown and never seen before. This way, you no longer have to pick any product in the market to make it a best seller. You can just choose your own!

If you come across a niche that you like the look of and you spot a gap in the market for an information product that you think you can provide, start working on your idea immediately!  It’s not as difficult as some people think to be able to create something like an eBook or a mini-report like this one, and it could make all the difference to your income.



By the time you reach this stage, you will have a product to sell, and an audience to sell it to.

All you need to do now is to find out where that audience is likely to be online and make sure that your product is going to be put right in front of them. This is the essence to pick any product in the market and make it a hot best seller.

So how do you do this?  Well, there are two main ways to succeed here:

  • You find out where these people hang out and go to them
  • You create a site or a web page and draw them to you

To get the best results you should try to put both of these methods into action.  But the most important thing to remember is that you need to look at this as a long term thing.  A failure to do this is quite often the reason that some products don’t sell anywhere near as well as they should or could in the first place!  It would be wonderful if you started promoting your product and found that you got fantastic sales right from day one, but that probably won’t happen in all honesty.  It can take a while to advertise something that eventually becomes a best seller.

So let’s look at each of these methods in turn, and see how we can use them to start promoting – and selling – the item you have in mind.

Approach your audience

Forums and Groups

One of the best places to start is to look for forums and Facebook groups on the relevant subject.

Incidentally, if you are completely stuck for ideas for products but you have a niche in mind that you want to approach, look for a forum on that subject and see what the members are talking about.  It’s a great way to get in touch with that niche and what makes it tick!

Now you need to be extremely careful when you are introducing a product to your audience in this way. If you don’t do it right you can get accused of spam and banned from that forum. That’s not what we’re after here, so the first step is to read through the terms and conditions laid down by each forum and group you come across to see how it works.

Another good idea is to spend some time just browsing through the posts that other people have already started so that you can get a feel for how the forum operates and the type of subjects that are covered.

Just remember that to get the best effect you should do more than just advertise.  People will get bored very quickly if you do nothing other than pointing them to the product (or products) that you are advertising.  Give them something worthwhile and tell them of your interest in the subject area; if you can tell them something they don’t already know that relates to the product in question then you will certainly have their attention.

Provide valuable content

Another way to connect with the people is by writing articles on subjects that they will be looking for.  By finding out as much as you can about their interests, you will be able to get plenty of ideas on topics to write about.

Your goal here is to think about what these people will be searching for online.  You can then write some articles and submit them to a range of article directories online.  If you write it well the articles rank quite highly in the search results to attract traffic.

That means there is a great chance of them finding your article, reading it, and then going through to the website which has details of the product you want to sell.

The key to success is to remember not to promote anything in the article.  This sounds bizarre, I know, but that’s how it works.  And it does work.  What happens is that you get a small box at the foot of every article you write which allows you to link to a website that you have an interest in.  This doesn’t need to be your website – it could just as easily be a website that you are an affiliate for.

You need to promote your product as much as you can. The internet is a huge place, so there is a large audience for you to sell the product. You won’t get very far with half a dozen ads and a couple of posts on Twitter, so make sure you are ready for the long haul.


This is like setting up shop in a prime location and waiting for people to come flooding through the doors.

There are two main options available to you here, and we’ll look at each one in turn.  Although of course, if you want to pick any product and push that into a best seller, you should be doing both together!  Aim big and keep aiming if you want that best selling product to be known all over the Internet.

Set Up A Website

The first option is to set up a dedicated website on the subject your niche product is concerned with.  This will work especially well if you manage to track down several products in the same niche.

Now obviously this will again work best if you don’t go directly for the big sale.  It’s almost like reverse psychology. People don’t like a hard sell. If you try and talk them into buying something before they are ready you will lose potential customers.

Think about developing a useful website that will provide people with plenty of relevant information.  You can then almost casually recommend the product you have in mind to sell to them.

Let’s look at an example of how this works.  Let’s suppose you have found a ‘green’ product of some kind that has a benefit for the consumer.  Now, this could take off because the news and the world have picked up on this topic.

But instead of just saying, “Hey look, I’ve found this great new product that saves on energy every time you use it,” you should instead build up a website that virtually pre-sells this and other green products to the consumer.

Pre-selling through your website

Think of it like this.  Those who browse may not necessarily be looking to buy something.  So if you try and sell them something the minute they arrive on your website, they are probably going to go elsewhere.

But consider this.  Let’s say they want to find out more about green issues and how to make the environment better. They aren’t looking for anything in particular to buy. However, they might just be persuaded if they find out about something that could help them.

So your job is to make sure that you give them all the information and insight they are looking for. Then, you gently introduce them to the products that you want to sell.  It’s quite often the quality of this pre-selling phase that turns a reasonable seller into a best seller.  You can introduce them to the product via an affiliate link in many different ways. Every effort must be made to give your customers the best information before closing out the sale.

You will need to get as much qualified traffic as possible to turn your unknown products into best sellers.  If you only get a dozen or so visitors a week then you won’t get the sales you want.

Okay so that’s your website underway – now what about a blog?

Setting Up A Blog

Blogs are great for transforming an average product into an outstanding one. It is a  little more personal and approachable to your visitors.  A blog is more intimate because you are talking directly to the people who are reading your entries.  Each blog post is an address from you to them, and this has a distinct advantage. A good blog is a site that consistently pushes out relevant content.

What you will be doing is building a relationship with your readers.  So long as you keep it on the topic you will find that some people will find you and keep coming back to see what else you have to say on your chosen topic (or niche).  This points out exactly why you need to be interested in your subject. If you love your niche then other people will be pulled in by it.


word of mouth

One big aspect for you to conveniently pick any product in any niche and turn it into a best seller is the fact that other people do some of the advertising and promotion for you, without you asking them to.

If you think about this you will find that it’s true.  If you buy a product that you are delighted with, you will start to tell other people about it.  There is every chance that some of those people will buy the product and tell others too.  In some cases, they may even hop online, forum or blog and tell the world about it. They may share a link to the place they got the information from in the first place.

This is the pinnacle of success as far as any marketer is concerned.  If you can get people talking about your product then you will make more sales without even trying.  This is why I mentioned the prospect of getting in touch with your audience via social networking websites. If like what you have to offer then there is every chance of you being able to make more sales and get your ‘unknown’ product promoted on a much wider scale.

So don’t discount the power of word of mouth. It can be the final push that turns a regular product into a best seller.


So we have now seen the entire process of selling something that very few people – if anyone – have seen before.  Depending on how good you are at this process, you may get lucky and find an ideal product on your first attempt.

But if that doesn’t happen, don’t worry.  It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to turn an unknown product into a best seller. It just means that it may take more than one attempt to find the right product.

Be consistent in marketing your product

But whatever product you settle on, it is vital to keep going with your advertising and promoting efforts long term.  You need to approach this with a determined and focused effort.

So if you start by launching a website, move on to create a blog to run alongside it.  Make the effort to look for plenty of sites to put some classified adverts on.  Get yourself onto the social networking sites and start linking up with other people within the same interest.

Go all out!

I cannot stress how important it is to go all out in your effort. The good news is that this process becomes more familiar as you go along, so don’t give up!  You’ll get better at spotting a potential best-seller.


We have established the fact that it is possible to pick any product and make it into a best-seller. We talked about how to choose digital products from a selected niche and provide valuable information to your potential buyers.  Identifying the right audience and knowing where to find them is a key element in your success.  A website or blog is an integral part of product promotion. Lastly, your marketing efforts will make or break your sales. These steps discussed has given you an understanding of how things work and the critical elements for successful product promotion. Take the necessary steps and learn as you go along. Good luck – and remember that the best time to get started is NOW.

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