The Real Niche Marketing BOXX Review

This is the review of Niche Marketing BOXX one of the biggest PLR video course bundles currently available on JVZoo. It is a very rare collection of screen-recorded internet marketing videos by experts who teaches their method in building a successful online business.

This insider review will reveal everything you need to know about how this collection can help you in your own internet marketing journey. You will learn :

  • How to use Niche Marketing BOXX to kick-start and fast-track your internet marketing business
  • The courses you will be getting in this package
  • The different ways to use this bundle to build your own online business
  • The bonuses
  • The price of the bundle
  • The OTOs

It is very rare to come across a huge collection of high-quality internet marketing video collection that is released by niche marketing experts. Most video products that you get from free PLR sites are either low or average in terms of the information value that they provide.

Let’s begin and take a closer look at what you can expect with this video PLR package:

How to use Niche Marketing BOXX to kick start and fast track your Internet Marketing business.

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Get advice from the real experts

The methods taught in these courses are evergreen methods that work to this day and you can use these methods to build your own know-how on how to create your own online business system without doubting if you are doing it wrong. These are, after all, methods created by experts themselves.

Learn faster

What I really like about these videos is how simple the explanation is and the ease with which you can follow these instructions click by click. Use these videos to shorten your learning curve so that you can master the process of setting up your business as soon as possible.

Get smarter

Not only do you learn the real methods, but you also get to understand the thought process that goes into each method that is taught in this package. To me, that is extremely important because by understanding the thought process, you build your own creativity as a proficient internet marketer.

Be an instant product owner

Niche Marketing BOXX comes with Private Label Rights (PLR) which means you own this package! That’s right, with the PLR, you get to put your name as the product owner and resell this package at any price you want.

There’s no need to create a product because you’ll be getting a huge collection of video tutorials that is not easily available anywhere else!

The courses you will be getting in this package

With this package, you get to own an entire collection of 257 videos (to be exact) in 20 modules of internet marketing. These modules are:

  1. Internet Marketing Core Workshop
  2. Lead Magnet Mastery
  3. Affiliate Fast Track
  4. Affiliate Toolkit
  5. Success Blogging
  6. Lead Generation Genius
  7. List Building Rocket
  8. First Sales Funnel
  9. The Traffic Plan
  10. Social Media Explosion
  11. Express Product Outline
  12. Google Specialist Shortcuts
  13. Conversion Clicks
  14. Sniper Ads Mastery
  15. Hyper Responsive List Builder
  16. Product Launch Masterclass
  17. Youtube Affiliate Marketing
  18. SEO Training Workshop
  19. WordPress Academy
  20. eCom Lifestyle Bootcamp

Each of these modules brings a different set of unique values to your internet marketing success. Let’s take a look at some of the things you will actually learn from these videos:

  • A seven figure marketing lesson that shows you how to set up an entire internet marketing business and explain how to the put the structure together.
  • Create compelling lead magnets which attracts visitors and convinces them to sign up for your list.
  • Set up and run an affiliate marketing business like a pro and use specific tools to bring your business to the next level.
  • Starting and scaling a high profit blog that is monetized to generate income for you.
  • Put together a high converting lead generation system that converts visitors into prospects.
  • Avoid leaving cash on the table by building an effective sales funnel.
  • Little known underground traffic methods which you can implement right away and using social media and paid ads to boost your traffic generation even further.
  • Design your next product outline in under 60 minutes and the framework you can use to launch your next product from start to finish.
  • Learn simple SEO implementation
  • Create professional looking WordPress website for your online business even if you don’t know anything about coding
  • Live a digital lifestyle for yourself by building a successful ecommerce business.

Here is a sample video that you’ll be getting from Niche Marketing BOXX

These lessons cover all you need to know about becoming a knowledgeable and efficient internet marketer.

Other creative ways to use this bundle to build your own online business

With the PLR that comes with Niche Marketing BOXX, not only can you claim ownership of the product and resell it as it is but there are other ways you can use it to benefit your internet marketing efforts.

Here are 5 ways you can take advantage of this package:

Break it down into articles

You can transcribe the content in the videos and break it down into small articles which you can use to publish on your blog or even to other content sites like medium or quora.

Create content for your email

Use some of the articles for your email and provide valuable content to your subscribers.

Sell separately as a mini package

Break the package into your mini packages and sell them separately. Perhaps you can use one package as a front-end product and the rest as an upsell and downsell in your funnel.

Re-create videos for YouTube

Follow the steps and create your own videos which you can start publishing on your YouTube channel to build subscribers and likes.

Make it a totally new video product

Copy the steps and re-create the entire video lesson with your methods and turn it into a brand new product.

The Bonuses

Niche Marketing BOXX comes with an additional 10 bonuses with 79 videos that compliment the main package. These are videos that are selected carefully to help you learn and implement additional steps in building this business.

Here are the bonuses and what they can do for you:

1. SEO mastery for newbies (13 videos)

  • Learn additional SEO steps to increase your chances of getting ranked and having more free traffic.

2. Embarrassing Cash (4 videos)

  • Get know obscure niches which are high in demand but have low competition. These are the kind of niches that the general public doesn’t like to talk about openly but they need a desperate solution.

3. Introduction to FTP (7 videos)

  • Do you have a website and need to upload files into your Cpanel? During my early days, I have always struggled with FTP. Here, you get a full course on how to use FTP to move files into your website.

4. Newbie Commission (12 videos)

  • A series of videos that show you how to start generating money online as a newbie. This is a perfect combo to the main products of Niche Marketing BOXX.

5. Canva for Beginners (7 videos)

  • Canva is one the best graphic design tool out there are it is free! This lesson shows you how you can quickly get familiarized with Canva and use it to create your lead magnet cover, sales page graphics, and even videos.

6. Customizing Graphics (1 video)

  • Sometimes, when you buy PLR products, you get pre-designed ebook cover templates and even a sales page! Learn how to customize these images and transform it into your own unique image.

7. The 10K Plan (12 videos)

  • The classic e-course that teaches you how to make $10K income a month. This may not be as in-depth as the main product but it will definitely help you to understand the basics of putting a system together.

8. First email list (6 videos)

  • List building is my number traffic and income-generating channel. This course teaches you how to set up email marketing and start building your list.

9. Email Gold (6 videos)

  • What do you do after building your email list? The lesson here will help take your email marketing to the next level.

10. Rapid Niche Research. (11 videos)

  • Niche selection is the starting point of building an information marketing business. As a matter of fact, it is the most important thing in starting any type of business. However, most people struggle with finding the right niche. These bonus videos will reveal how to find and validate the profitability of your niche from the start.

How much is Niche Marketing BOXX?

You’re getting 257 high-quality videos plus 79 additional bonuses that come in a PLR bundle. That is quite a value. Most video courses are sold between $17 to $27 without including private label rights.

The original retail value of this package is $97, however, you can access this entire package for just $17!

With this price point, the product is accessible to as many people as possible. That will help people like you and many others build a real digital business.

Are there any upsells in Niche Marketing BOXX (OTOs)

There are 2 OTOs that come with this bundle that not only complements the front-end product but also works to accelerate your progress as an internet marketer.

OTO 1: Niche Marketing Gold

The first OTO is called Niche Marketing GOLD. This offer presents 3 core products with 67 click-by-click videos that will help you create your own digital product and launch it to the mass market. With this OTO, you are getting the following courses:

Product creation steps (18 videos)

  • Learn the exact product creation steps from idea to implementation. This video is recorded by a 7 figure marketer.

Video creation steps (12 videos)

  • This course shows you how to create great videos step by step including ways you can record your video. You can use it for your blog post, sales video or even for YouTube.

JvZoo launch steps (19 videos)

  • Here, you will know how to take your digital product and launch it on a digital marketing platform called JVZoo.

You will also these 3 additional premium bonuses:

Product protector (10 videos)
  • This video teaches you how to protect your digital product from being stolen by others.
Digital shout out (4 videos)
  • Learn how to get social media influencers to promote your product
Video lead magnets (3 videos)
  • Get 3 free premium video lead magnets from a 7 figure marketer that you can give away for free to build your list.

Niche Marketing GOLD is priced at $27

OTO2: Niche Marketing Lite

This OTO is the Lite version of Niche Marketing GOLD where you will get selected products and bonuses for just $11.95!


If you are looking for high-quality PLR video courses, Niche Marketing BOXX offers a great opportunity for you to get the entire package for a fraction of the cost. Plus, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee which ensures there is no risk on your part whatsoever.

These are rare video course bundle that provides great value for any aspiring online marketer. Check out this amazing PLR opportunity here.

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