What is a niche website and how can you start one in 2020?

what is niche marketing

Here is a question  I used to wonder, “what is a niche website”? A niche website is a specialist website built around a specific topic or theme. It focuses on one subject and provides valuable information and solution in that subject. This website targets the audience who are interested in that topic and are actively looking for information on that topic.

A website about home security is a specific category by itself. However, a personal blog that talks about everything in life and are general is not a specialist website.

What is the difference between a niche website vs an authority site

To be honest, there is a difference and a similarity between a niche site and an authority site. They are both the same and different at the same time. Every subject is a niche. It is a matter of whether that subject is broad or narrowed down to something specific.

A website about animals is a broad niche. It can then be narrowed down to dogs which is still a broad niche because there are many dog breeds out there. You can narrow it down to a golden retriever, which is now a specialized topic because you will only be focusing on that one particular breed. You can even go further by focusing on grooming for golden retrievers where you will now only talk about things related to grooming for the breed.

Niche site difference

An authority site is a go-to website to get information about certain topics. It has credible information, well written, updated regularly and offers valuable solutions to you. A site is authoritative when other websites link to it for getting a reference.

A niche website can be authoritative while an authority site is always on a particular niche.

Does a niche website still work?

A niche website is more relevant now than ever. Niche websites work in attracting the right visitors, getting a higher search engine ranking and selling products or services catered to one specific market.

Back in the day, you could create a website on a relationship niche, write about many facets of relationships such as dating, divorce, and marriage in one website, and get good ranking in the search engine. Nowadays, this type of site is considered too broad and the competition is extremely high.

There is nothing wrong about creating a website in a broad niche but you will be competing with big companies that hire professional writers to push out tons of content and also established websites that have been in a broad niche for years.

You must scale down your niche to limit the competition and increase your chances of succeeding in search engine ranking. By selecting the right niche to work on, your site will be more focused and you can quickly build a business around one particular topic instead of 4 different topics in one website.

A niche website tells Google exactly what is your site about and more importantly gives your visitors exactly the information that they are looking to find. Since you will be creating a site on one topic, you can deep dive into that topic and provide specific information about that niche. This allows you to build the authoritativeness of your website and build your credibility as an expert.

How do you create a niche website?

how do you start a niche website

Creating a niche website is a process. It is not necessarily a hard process but there are steps that you need to take to ensure you make the right start. I can speak from experience that starting on the wrong track will only waste your time and get you nowhere.

There are many types of approaches to building a niche site. The following are the steps that I have taken. I try to keep my process simple and I hope that you will find these steps useful.

(a) Before you create a website, you need to have some ideas about what is your niche.

  1. List down the experience, education, and knowledge that you have. Categorize the personal inventory that you have into relevant market segments. Example: you may be a trained yoga teacher so naturally this knowledge will fall under the health and fitness niche.
  2. List down the areas which you do not know but have some interest or you know that this niche is a money-making market. Example: you may not have used a dirt bike before but you do have some interest in it.
  3. Other places to look for ideas would be:
    • Amazon non-branded categories
    • Clickbank
    • Answer the Public
    • Quora
    • Udemy
    • Google suggested search
  4. Once you have your list, trim it down to the top 10.

niche selection table

Once you have your shortlisted ideas, find out which one is the most profitable.

  1. Check Google searches if there are any search volumes for your niche. You can also go to Ubersuggestto get the same information.
  2. Check if there any google ads for your niche. Google ads are a good indication that there is money in the niche. It is not the absolute indicator but its proof that people are willing to pay for an advertisement in that niche because people are buying certain products in that niche.
  3. You can also check out if there any ads in your niche on Facebook.
  4. Check the websites like Clickbank, JVZoo, Amazon, and Udemy to see if there are any products listed there for sale. If there is, that is a good indicator of a profitable niche.
  5. Once you have these niche narrowed down further, go to Google trends to see if there is a positive trend pattern for your niche. A positive trend pattern would be an upward trend or a stable one.
  6. After you have this information, pick one niche to work on.

(b) Get your domain name and hosting.

  1. Now that you have selected your niche, go ahead and register for a domain name and hosting.
  2. Find a top-level domain name (TLD) which is a .com, .net or .org. There are hundreds of domain extension but I would only recommend one of these three, as these are the gold standard in the domain name. To purchase a domain name, you could go to Godaddy or Namecheap.
  3. Get a domain name that represents your niche. You can buy a new domain name or get an expired domain name with some backlinks that would get your site indexed faster.
  4. As for hosting, you can opt for Hostgator or Bluehost.

(c) Setup your WordPress site

  1. Once you have your domain name and hosting, go ahead a set up a WordPress site/blog. I recommend you using WordPress because it is the best content management platform out there in the market. You can do so much customization in WordPress with little or no technical knowledge.
  2. Install SEO optimized plugins for your site that will help for better search engine rankings.

(d) Post quality articles on your blog.

  1. How many articles should a niche site have? If you intend for SEO to be as one of your means to get free traffic, you would need to post some content on your site. This content needs to have relevant keywords and well written.
  2. Use long-tail keywords
  3. I would recommend at least 30 articles. 70% of those articles should be at least 1500 words each and the remaining 30% should be at least 3500 words. Yes, quality content is very important.
  4. You can insert some affiliate links in the content and use Google Adsense as well to start monetizing your site.

(e) Choose or create a product for giveaway.

  1. Your site is now set up with quality relevant content to drive SEO traffic to it. Now you need to prepare to capture visitors who come to your site and build a list of potential customers in your niche.
  2. The easiest way is to get a PLR ebook with giveaway rights. IDPLr is a site where you can get free giveaway products.
  3. Alternatively, you can also create your giveaway product.

(f) Signup with an autoresponder

  1. Your next step after having your product is to sign up with an autoresponder like GetResponse, Aweber or MailChimp.
  2. Autoresponder will allow you to collect email addresses of your visitor who wants to download the free giveaway product.
  3. Once you have this list, you can promote any affiliate products or your products to your subscribers.

(g) Start driving traffic to your site.

  1. This is probably the most important activity that you will be doing. Driving traffic to your site will ensure the longevity of your niche site. There are many ways to drive traffic. You can use the free method such as SEO, social media and community forums or you can use paid traffic.
  2. You can also build backlinks that will increase the domain authority of your website hence contributing to the total authoritativeness of your site.
  3. No matter what method you use, I would strongly recommend you to continue adding quality content and information on your site.

How much money does a niche website make?

To be honest, this is a very difficult question to answer. It all depends on several factors that as per below.

  1. What is your niche and how profitable it is?
  2. Can you break into your niche?
  3. How good and convincing is your content?
  4. Do you have a quality list of potential buyers?
  5. How good are you in driving traffic to your site?
  6. How good is your marketing approach?

It is hard to tell how much money niche websites make. However, if done properly, niche websites do make money and they can be a full-time income generator for you.


When I first started to find out what is a niche website, I realized that building a niche site is the way to go in making a full-time income online. The process of building a niche website is not easy. However, it is also not extremely difficult either. What I mean by that is if you have the patience and the discipline to follow the right steps, you can build a successful niche site that is authoritative and makes money for you.

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