Why Video Marketing Is The Best Thing For You

Why Video Marketing Is The Best Thing For You

The reason why video marketing are so popular these days is that it is a medium that is easy to digest. It is very visual to our eyes and you don’t have to focus on too many words. You can just take a look at a video and understand it. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. This is probably the reason by YouTube exploded so much and has become the most-watched video platform in the world 

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, you need to understand the power of video and the role it plays as an effective marketing tool. Videos are no longer for entertainment purposes alone. Videos are now an important content element in the marketing world. 

Let me give you a comprehensive guide on how to create and share videos. I will also discuss the reasons to incorporate video into your marketing strategy. 

Why are videos so popular?

1.Videos are very engaging.

Videos are very immersive. You can see the real-life content opening up right in front of you. In current technology, video sharing has become so easy. You can practically share a video with a click of a button.

2.Videos are consumed so much

The level of engagement that you can get video outshines the numbers that you can get from blogging. There are tons of videos out there on the internet and people are slowly moving away from text to visual content. 

3.Visuals are powerful

Remember those times before television, people were practically glued to their radios. When television came, it signaled the death of the radio as a mainstream video. I am not saying that blogging or any form of text marketing is going to die. I’m just saying, it is time for you to use both text and video in your online business.  

4.Easy to create

A very important aspect is that not only videos are easily shared but it is so easy and so simple to create your video There are tons of video creation software that help you create videos without having any knowledge in editing or shooting a video. This accessibility has made skyrocketed the number of videos being published daily.

Creating the right video type

The reason why you need to know the different types of videos is to understand the purpose of creating that video in the first place. You need to know who is your target audience which platform are you going to use it. By knowing the difference in the types of videos available in this market, you will be able to make the right choice and create the right type of video for your business 

1.Explainer video

This type of video is usually used to help educate people about a certain product. It is usually instructional and it is meant to help people understand about certain products, how to use it, and the benefits of the product.

2.Conversational videos 

This type of video usually incorporates interviews. It is about getting an opinion across and it usually involves guest speakers who are influencers in a particular industry. If you’ve come across podcasts before then this is the type of videos we are talking about here. 

3.Demo videos 

Demo videos are created to show how a certain product works. This type of videos is not just instructional but it gives you a walkthrough of the product. It shows you how the product actually functions and then does a quick review of the benefits of the product. Demo videos are very popular because consumers can see the product in action and make the decision whether to purchase it or not.

4.Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are meant for entertainment. You take a video of yourself reacting to another clip and posting on a social media platform. Reaction video had gained both fame and notoriety. Fame because people just love to see other people react to something. Notoriety because of copyright infringement issues. Tons of Youtubers have hundreds of thousands of subscribers by just doing reaction videos.

5.Live broadcasting 

With the current coronavirus situation all around the world, live video streaming has changed the way we communicate with each other. Many companies in the world are now using live video as a way to get closer to people and establish interaction with one another.

what makes video workWhat makes videos work?

1.People nowadays don’t want to read a long line of text.

They just want to straight forward explanation of a product, see it in action, view who is endorsing it, and make a decision if to buy or move on. Videos give access to the buyer to get up close with the product. Text just does not do that.

2.Videos attract traffic.

They are considered SEO friendly. Just try to post any random 5 minutes video and a blog post at the same time. Check after 2 days and see which one has more views. There is a high probability that your video will get much more views than your blog post. SEO just works faster than videos.

3.Join the bandwagon

If you don’t use videos in your marketing strategy, you are going to lose out. It is as simple as that. Many companies are using videos to promote their brand, product, and services. You can create many different types of content with videos. With ‘idiot-proof’ video editors nowadays, you can create engaging, beautiful videos with ease.

4.There are many different types of content that you can create with videos.

A combination of visual, audio, and text in one single content is so powerful. Videos taps on the power of images that evokes emotions. Some people put a slide show full of text and create a ‘video’ from it. That is so lazy and such a turnoff! You have a great tool within your fingertips. Use it to the maximum potential. Demo videos are my personal favorite because it is raw in terms of presenting the product and people can learn about through these type of videos.

5.Personal Touch

If you are familiar with Snapchat or Instagram stories, you know that these are short videos that are only active for 24 hours. Therefore, the anticipation that a new video will be released each day makes a consumer come back repeatedly to a profile to check those videos out. When you create a promotion video about your product on these platforms, the consumer knows that these are time-sensitive promotions that require them to take action fast.  


One of the reasons why videos convert visitors to buyers is because consumers spent a long time on videos. They find out as much information as possible from videos. The duration they spend on videos allows the content to have the advantage of the time to ‘influence’ their decision to purchase the product.

Can you still incorporate videos into blogging?

Of course, you can. Blogging is making a comeback. However, the way to blog has changed a bit compared to the olden days. Getting into video marketing does not mean that you need to give up blogging – if that is something that you like to do. You can write a blog that has the same content as your video and link your videos to your post or vice versa.  Have you heard about vlogs? These are video blogs. A blog that is full of videos about a certain topic. You can create those too.

How to create the best videos?

1.Keep it short

People’s attention span is getting shorter. If you can explain something in 5 minutes, don’t take 15 minutes. Short concise content is the best.

2.Make your videos SEO optimized.

You can do it by inserting the correct keyword in the headline and description. Make your headline interesting and your description as detailed as possible. Also remember, most video traffic comes from mobile. Therefore, it would be smart if you make sure that your video is mobile friendly.

3.Avoid the sales pitch.

Contrary to what you may believe or what the other ‘gurus’ may have told you, people don’t like to be sold. Offer value, talk about the benefits, think like a customer. Your job in video marketing is to sell through your credibility.

4.Call to action

Make sure that at the end of the video, there is a call to action. You want your visitors to take some form of action, preferably clicking on a link. Put that link in the description area and tell them to visit the product page if they like it. You also want to tell them to like, share, and subscribe to your video. One of your ultimate objective in video marketing is to get as many shares and views as possible.


Video marketing is here to stay and it will only grow bigger and most likely take on a new form in the future. It will be interesting to see how it will evolve. In a way it is becoming a medium that is almost real life where you get to see, hear, and connect with someone in front of you even though that is not the actual case. 

This powerful makes video content that is easily engaged and attracts views. It is a window for people to peek into someone’s life or a product without even touching it. I can see how a product works even if the product is not even sold in my own country.

While you want to do video marketing to sell your product, it should be about building your brand. Brand sells. The product needs to be sold. Build your credibility through videos by offering value. Build trust and people will be loyal to your channel. 

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