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Empower Your Situation With These  7 Powerful Click by Click Methods That Will Help You To Build And Grow A REAL Sustainable Online Income Without Ever Having To Lie, Scam, And Sell Misleading Products!

Why ClickBasics Accelerator Blueprint- (CAB)?

ClickBasics Accelerator Blueprint has one sole objective and this to provide you with the ultimate real and right methods to help you start building a solid online income with simple yet very powerful steps which you can implement right away even if you have never made a single cent online.

3 pillars of cab


Learn the principles of the 7 steps and understand the reason behind the steps


Follow the methods  which you will learn in the blueprint and trust the process


Consistently implement the steps, expand your execution and grow bigger

take the leap

Don't just survive...but thrive

Life is not just about living doing what you don’t love merely to survive for a paycheck. Yet, many do because there’s seems to be no other option. ClickBasics empowers you with authentic lessons on how to build an alternative income online and by applying workable methods that produces results.

What Will You Learn?

Simply put – you’ll learn what really works, why it works, and how to make it work

the rude wake up call

It’s about time for you to know why is it so difficult for you to find success online.

the rules of the game

The pieces of puzzle that makes the entire thing work and gives you the full picture.

the no b.s steps

Learn the real simple yet powerful steps to start the business-building process.

the implementation

Discover how to link the steps into a working system and scale up for growth.

Who Is This For?

When you look at the picture below and it reminds of you or closely relates to your feelings, then this is definitely something you’d want to check out and try for yourself.

Hi, I'm Prem Kumar

“First and foremost, thank you for being here.

The internet can be a very confusing place for those who have yet to figure out how to build an online business. I for one can definitely relate to that.

9 years ago, I started dabbling in this weird world of online business making countless mistakes until I met some first-class digital marketers who coached me out of sheer goodwill. Good people are hard to find nowadays!

It annoys me now to see so much ‘help’ out there offering surface-level information, crappy products, and misleading answers. So much hype and shining objects aimed at just ripping off desperate people out of their hard-earned money. It is almost criminal and I can only say it is getting dangerously more and more.

That’s the inspiration for me to put together CAB – a truth-telling answer to those who want to get unstuck from their routine and build a REAL online business.

You will find it refreshing, honest, and most important of all, shows you the right direction.

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