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As a PLR buyer, owner, and creator, I want to talk to you about how to make money with PLR by avoiding one common, yet critical mistake most PLR buyers make.

I have been using Private Label Rights in my digital online business for many years now. I am a reseller and I also create my own Private Label Rights products.

PLR is my main business model at the moment.

My Biggest PLR Mistake

In all these years, I would say one of the biggest mistakes that I still make to this day is when it comes to buying private label rights material is not actually using it as I should.

This is because how you use PLR is going to determine how much money you make with it. It’s never going to make you a dime unless it is out there.

I still make that mistake just because of time constraints or whatever. It’s amazing when I go back through my hard drive and I go “Oh my goodness I have some good material here that I should be setting up a sales page and getting out there”.

I feel a bit hypocritical because I like to tell people that you are only good based on how many buying now buttons you have out there.

The more buy now buttons you have out there, the more chances you have of getting a customer.

When people buy PLR from me, I see a similar mistake. They don’t use the product at all!

How Can You Leverage On PLR?

It sounds so funny because people are like what should I be doing? Well, get it out there. It’s the number one thing you can do. It won’t make anything sitting on your hard drive. You actually have a zero percent chance of making a sale unless it’s on the internet.

So the first thing I tell people is to get it on the internet and start selling it.

Just Get It Out There!

Don’t even worry about renaming it right away. You can do it later. 

I’ve watched some of my customers just do a killing of a job where they have actually taken my products and completely re-branded them.

They did such a good job rebranding it I just didn’t recognize what the product was that it was my product. And so it’s fun to see that as well.  

You can also start taking some of that PLR you have available and use it in your bonuses. That’s a great way to make money with PLRs.

If you have a current product and can find a private label rights product that is related to your market, you can create a great bonus bundle. 

So if you just Google search weight loss and private label rights or internet marketing and private label rights, or dating and relationships and private label rights, you will find all kinds of PLR, kind of a treasure trove of content that you can start to use.

Think Of Different Ways To Use PLR

And so one of the things that I would do with PLRs apart from just getting it out there and making it happen is really just to think of ways you can use it.

When I am launching a product I actually scour my hard drive and see what PLR I have and how I can position some of that and it’s shocking how much value you can add to a product launch to get more people to buy it.

I might find a product I really like that I want to promote as an affiliate and then I can put together two or three different PLR products and offer it as a bonus if they buy this product through my link.  

I find that I get a much better conversion rate on my promotion when I take that extra little bit of effort and I don’t have to go out there and create a whole new product at all.

Make Money With PLR As An Upsell

Anytime you launch a product you should have an upsell. It’s going to make your affiliates happier because they are going to make more commissions. Your customers really don’t mind because they are already in the buying process.

You have already done such a good job of selling yourself to them that they bought your front-end product, you may as well offer additional value and training to them.

So that’s another way to make money with PLR content that you already own. It’s for your upsells.

Sometimes you can make more on your up-sells than you do in the entire front-end product. And so that’s another great strategy, a great tip to consider.

Using PLR On Membership Sites

If you have a membership area and a bunch of private label rights content in your niche market, you could create a membership site.

On that membership site, you could offer PLR as a bonus for people to take action.

You could be charging $27.00 a month, $17.00 a month $97.00 a month and all you are doing is including PLR.

I took PLR recently and included it as a bonus because it was really high-quality material but I use it as a bonus for one of my high-ticket programs.

The customers were happy because it was a great product.

Final Words On PLR

PLR is a great source of content. Yes, there are not many good ones out there. In fact most of it is lousy. However, if you can find a good one, optimize the content, turn it into your own product and resell it for profit.

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