6 Best Way To Stay Motivated – A Guide For Internet Marketers

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As an internet marketer, you might be wondering what is the best way to stay motivated during times when you don’t feel like building a business.

Building an online business requires self-motivation. There’s no one going to tell you to get up early every morning and get to work building your business.

This is not a job and you don’t have a boss. You must have self-motivation. So let’s talk about what it takes to get and stay motivated.

The 3 Primal Motivation Factors?

We might be motivated by things like making money, taking vacations, having time freedom, helping others, reaching others, or just having the feeling of personal achievement. The 3 most powerful human desires are money, power, and sex.

For many people, these 3 above are chief motivating factors. It differs from one person to another. However, some people are more motivated than others.

So what motivates you?

Short Term vs Long Term Motivation

You can divide motivation into short-term and long-term.

There’s a place in your life for long-term and short-term motivators. Sometimes, it takes short-term motivation to spark us into action.

The problem with most business owners is that they run out of motivation at some point and have a hard time staying motivated. So it is important to make sure that we develop good long-term motivation within ourselves.

(a) Are You Motivated By Goals?

It is good to have short-term motivation based on your goals but it is not enough to keep you going through the long haul because once you achieve your goal, it’s over! So, short-term goals are not the best way to stay motivated.

You will have to start all over again once the motivation goes away. Failing to do so will have a negative consequence on your motivation.

(b) The ‘Fuel’ That Fires Up Motivation

Vision on the other hand is long-lasting. It goes beyond your goals and that is why it’s best for your motivation to be tied to your vision.

If you are motivated by the vision, you’d still be going strong after you’ve achieved the goals along the way.

If you are not motivated right now, chances are you did not get the right vision, maybe you didn’t dream big enough or set the bar high enough to really make you want it. Perhaps, you might want to consider getting expert help in designing your vision.

You need to take inspiration from your vision. You need to get excited about it.

External vs Internal Motivation

External and internal factors influence your motivation. Externally influenced motivation is not a bad thing. It is a natural part of life.

However, external motivation alone is not enough.

You need that internal motivation. Internal or intrinsic motivation is what will get you going when the going gets tough.

(a) What Motivates You?

Think about how to internally motivate yourself as you build your information marketing business.

Relate that internal motivation to your overall vision. Only then, you can draw your motivation from your vision.

Again, it should be long term and it should motivate you internally.

(b) Short-Term Daily Motivation

There are countless tips and tricks to help you achieve short-term motivation on a daily basis.

This is not the long-term answer to why people fail to stay motivated when building their online business but it can definitely help you for a short time.

And if for whatever reason, it works for you then by all means continue it.

There are simple tools that you can use to stay motivated on a daily basis.

You might even want to try hypnosis or brain wave techniques.

Recharging Your Motivation

Excitement alone is not enough to keep you going. Even the person with the best vision and possess the ability to be self-motivated may at times feel de-motivated. There will be difficult times in both life and business.

Motivation is tied to our emotions and our emotions have ups and downs throughout life. First, you need to recognize and accept that it is natural to have temporary lows that might put you in a moment of depression.

As you build your business, unexpected things which are beyond your control will cause tragedies within your personal or business life. You may experience unmet expectations. You may feel overwhelmed at times.

(a) What will you do when you face tough situations?

If your motivation is only based on feelings then your foundation is going to be shaken. If you are driven by just the hype and excitement of building the business, then things will be hard for you when the excitement fades away.

Your motivation must be something deeper than hype.

You need commitment and you need to choose it! But what you are committing to?

You are committing to the vision. Vision feeds on commitment and passion.

People find it difficult to commit to a vision on a long-term basis simply because of the fear of failure. They quit halfway because they don’t want to end up like losers. However, you can always reignite your vision.

Keeping Your Vision Alive

(a) Feed Your Vision

Don’t let it stale and die. Feed your vision often.

  • Put your vision where you can see it
  • Built relationships with like-minded people
  • Read books that inspire you and strengthen your vision

(b) Give It The Priority It Deserves

Where is your vision on your priority list? If your vision is way down the list, it might be a bit harder to keep it alive in the long run.

You need to decide where your business vision fits in your life.

(c) Develop Good Habits

Create habits that will help you get through to your vision. Keep a schedule to start you off the right track.

You develop good habits by repeating them over and over again. A lot of people say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Hopefully, after that, you can put it on autopilot and start a new one.

Plan to develop one good habit at a time, perhaps one every 30 days.

(d) Be Flexible

Real life doesn’t travel in a straight line, you have to learn to adapt mid-stream. In the online business world, technology is constantly changing at the speed of light. You need to be able to react to situations on the fly without jeopardizing your vision.

(e) Keep Moving Forward, No Matter What

Despite the challenges and obstacles, you need to keep moving forward toward your vision. It might be a baby step or a slow step but you have to keep advancing. That’s commitment!

(f) Solidify Your Commitment

Make a promise to yourself to break your commitment to your vision. Write down your promise and keep it where you can see it every day.

Read the story of Bill Bright who made a contract with GOD to never quit on his vision.


Determine what motivates and links those things to your vision. Write them down. Think about if your vision will motivate you for the long term. If not, tweak your vision. Finally, commit to your vision and if you can, sign it off. List down all the habits that you think will help you move toward your vision. Choose one that you don’t have and start developing that habit. You will be ready to start building your online business when you commit to a vision.

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